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Posted On: Tuesday - September 26th 2017 9:09PM MST
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As mentioned in our last post, what's going on in Germany with Angela Merkel and her invitation to an invasion of the refugee-refuse of the world to western Europe is going to be bad for everyone.

Let me first just explain the term Bizarro-_____, as unless you are a comic-book fan (and Peak Stupidity is not familiar either), you wouldn't know it. It is from Superman(?) or one of these superhero stories in which Bizarro World is a place where everything is opposite of Earth. To Peak Stupidity, it can be an apt description of some of the stupidity seen, and it's amusing as the term was brought up in Seinfeld episodes, especially one in which Elaine ends up with 3 "Bizarro" friends who are the opposite of Jerry, George, and Newman. A neat thing I read about the show is that there is supposed to be a reference to superheros in EVERY episode of that show! It is something I have not been able to disprove so far - there is usually some "banter" about rubberman or something. OK, that's more than what we need for background here.

When compared to Nazi-era Germany, the current country seems like Bizarro-Germany, and the idiot leader Merkel seems like a Bizarro-Hitler, and that's the theme here. There will be lots of turmoil in Germany and Western Europe coming due to the leaders, policies and people just like there were 80-odd years back, yet things are turned around so much that you wonder how this bizarro world can end up the same way, as it's opposite did.

That was then, this is now.

A little bit about the guy on the left. History has not been kind to this man. It's mostly because he was on the losing side the biggest war ever fought, but there's a bit more than that. The cntrl-left, Lyin Press, and just about every other non-thinking individual has this guy pegged as evil itself. They are right about one thing - this guy is LITERALLY HITLER - there's no arguing against that. There's no room here to get into a whole discussion about the history of Adolf Hitler, but we'll summarize a few things for later comparison to the current-era German strong-man woman.

Adolf Hitler was a man who came to power in terrible economic times for his country. One doesn't hear very much about all the background of 1920's Germany and the fact that the Communists, supported by the Soviets by then already entrenched in Russia, were all about making Germany into another Commie "workingman's paradise". The Nazi's formed, with many ex-officers of the WWI-defeated German army, partly to save the country from this threat. At this time, due to a terrible deal from the treaty of Versailles (ending WWI), Germany was in a world of hurt economically. The deal did not give the country enough room to recover economically, and hyperinflation occurred to the point of wiping out most savers (those holding paper/account assets in German Marks). The social situation was getting pretty weird too, as I've read.

This guy came along to do right for his land and countrymen. Now, good intentions do NOT make a person "good", and there is history of tyrants everywhere, especially in the 20th century to prove that. Here was a man who ended up with pretty much absolute power, and that is something that YOU! DO! NOT! LET! HAPPEN! without terrible consequences likely. They WERE likely by mid-1930's German when the Nazis had taken over. Now, there is too much speculation and conjecture about how Hitler could have avoided most of Germany's fate by not invading here, or making a treaty, or not honoring this other treaty, much of it very interesting and possibly true, to cover. This is not the (Original!) Nazi History Channel. Suffice it to say that Hitler always was or became something of a madman and pushed his ideology way too far, with no regard for advice of the smart men around him who also cared for Germany and the Germans.

Now, a little bit about the broad on the right. Just last week, this article on Takimag gave a pretty good, long summary of where Angela Merkel came from. It is not pretty at all. I had not known before reading this long article by a German or some Germans going by the handle of "Autorenkollektiv*" that Merkel was not just a Commie via her birthplace (East German) and upbringing there-at. No, she was one of the apparatchiks, a cog in an important place in the Commie party machinery of East Germany. The article is too comprehensive for Peak Stupidity to even excerpt one part - please read the whole thing!
(*Keep in mind that, in fitting with the conclusions to come, these people can't even write what they think in former WEST Germany, hence the anonymity.)

A few more points from the article: Frau Merkel was a physicist and used her high position to get approved to make trips to the West. That gave her a chance to learn about politics in W. Germany which she found a way to muscle in on later. Her position and relations with the West allowed her to get in on the Global Climate DisruptionTM scam right on the ground floor in 1994, way back. She is heavily invested politically in this hysteria and control-scheme. This explains her deep animosity to President Trump and his remarks on the stupidity of the proposed Paris Accords to limit "emissions" of the natural portion of the air known as CO2. The Takimag article also relates how this control freak deigns to tell subjects of the world's governments what to eat, how to travel, and that a "global expert council" is needed to get all these ideas implemented.

Back toward near the present day, Frau Merkel started the supposed-refugee invasion that is in the middle of a process of destroying Europe via demographic change, importation of terrorism, and overwhelming of the socialist welfare system of Europe. The borders of these countries are open, per EU agreement, so Germany's problem becomes Europe's problem, except for in the smart countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic, where they build fences (what a splendid idea!) Was this policy one of stupidity or evil?

After all that background, let's get to the comparison of German eras here.

* In 1930's Germany, there was a strong leader who was a Nationalist, wanted more land for his people, military strength to allow that, an end to the economic hardships for his people, and lastly, the most questionable one, to have his country become pure in ethnic composition.

* In 2010's Germany, there is a party-apparatchik leader with luke-warm support who is a Globalist and wants to ruin the economy while AT THE SAME TIME destroying what's left of the original ethnic composition and AT THE SAME TIME increasing population density with no new land all via the same process. Also, via "Green" and other SJW policies, she will let the military strength wane.

* In 1930's Germany, the people were nationalist, though cautious and later regretful at letting it get too far, especially militarily. They cared about their own people, didn't want foreign influence (the Commies), and wanted to get back on their feet economically as a hard-working people.

* In 2010's Germany, the people have been taught since the end of 1930's Germany that they should feel guilty about all the crimes humanity could ever commit. They are too shamed to even state that a foreign invasion may be bad, mmmkay. They are also ashamed to care more for other Germans than for anyone else, no matter how culturally inferior from anywhere on this globe.

* In 1930's Germany, the press was eventually made to print/broadcast the propaganda of The Nazi State only. Speaking out against the Nazis and against the wars of invasions of most other lands of Europe would get one in serious trouble.

* In 2010's Germany, the press has voluntarily supported The Globalist State, and speaking out against the invasion of Germany will get one in trouble (hence the alias used by the writers of the Takimag article).

It is truly Bizarro Germany with a Bizarro-Hitler at the helm. Yet, it seems that the results may be similar in terms of violence and turmoil. The people have been ignored and now silenced for so long, that when they have had enough, the solution will not be political. Who knows if there are some inner German traits that have survived as non-opposite in this current Bizarro-era. Will they get organized and become a new non-Bizarro Wehrmacht, or War Making Machine?

The Nazis gained power because the German nation was pushed into a corner by the victors of WWI and the Commies. It's a bad idea to corner people, or even an animal as small as a squirrel. Now, in good-old Bizarro fashion, it's a cornering of the German people being done by the leaders of the German nation, along with others. Yet, the result may be again a really bad thing.

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