Angela Merkel still in control over at the Fourth Reich

Posted On: Monday - September 25th 2017 4:41PM MST
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Chancellors of the 3rd and 4th Reichs, in numerical order:

I'll give our American political system one thing over the Europeans (along with lots of others, were a certain simple document to be still followed) - we at least pretend to make big changes in government during the elections. In Euro-land, the one group gets more votes, the others a few less, and coalitions are formed between groups that don't have much in common policy-wise, besides the usual Globalism.

Forgive us if Peak Stupidity has not been our usual timely (hahaha) self on reporting the yawn important results of the election in Germany yesterday. Yeah, the same Globalist Commie bitch profiled herein and here-also-in is still the leader of the 4th Reich, a "kinder, gentler" Reich, if you will. It doesn't matter much, as the parties are all more leftwing than even current US politic, though a 13% showing for the AfD, the only nationalist party is just a tad encouraging.

Before a last dig at the Deutsch Reich-Chancellor, I should mention that I used the phrase "pretend to make" earlier in reference to the current American political system. The people are allowed to feel that they can greatly influence the political process, when, if fact, things always inexorably head in the same direction. This seems to be staying true even when a non-establishment fairly-honest guy has been elected president, so ...

Now, back to Germany, I'm not going to say that history is repeating itself here, or even rhyming. The faces are just as evil, but the policies are as opposite as can be - it's not rhyming, but in music it'd be called counterpoint. The sense of the 1/2 of common people is not only being ignored but actively suppressed, and the rest of them will follow the stupidest man (woman) standing. Johnny Cougar, back at his good old American Melloncamp in Seymour, Indiana sung "You better stand for something, or you're gonna' fall for anything!"

Just like 80-years ago, it's not gonna be good for anybody. Tomorrow we will post more on this Bizarro-Hitler.

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