1989-1990 in music history - "Right Here, Right Now"

Posted On: Saturday - September 23rd 2017 5:42PM MST
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The song for tonight's post is from 1990. That year and a year earlier were an amazing time politically. While writing parts 2 and 3 of "Russians and Chinese and Bears, oh my! (and Pandas) the time of the end of the Cold War came to mind. As written in the 1st post of the series, Americans saw the Cold War as mostly with the enemy Russia vs. China at least after Viet Nam. The end of the Soviet Union that came in 1989 was not forseen by Americans even 3 years earlier, in 1986, as I remember the feeling of things during the Chernobyl reactor accident - it was basically glee - whatever was bad for the Ruskies (should have been "Soviets") was a good thing.

Just three years later, at that same time as the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and 5 months before the beginning of the destruction of the Berlin Wall, there was the Tiananmen Square demonstration in Peking, China - really about a month long rally that built up - for democracy. It got crushed by Chinese Red Army tanks and guns, with much political/social retaliation later on, At that time, however, between the Russians and the whole East Bloc that had been our nuclear enemies for 4 full decades and (looking like) the Chinese joining the Free* World, it was really a heady optimistic time politically for Americans.

This song by Jesus Jones, one hit wonder, is called "Right Here, Right Now" and reminds me very much of that time and is related to the series of posts on Russia and China with our very brief history. From Wikipedia:
The song was inspired by events in Europe of the late 1980s, particularly Perestroika in Russia. Mike Edwards has since noted some of the lyrics were influenced by the band's experiences playing in Romania in February 1990 right after the overthrow of Ceau┼čescu.
It's from their album "Doubt". Alas, Peak Stupidity gives apologies on behalf of the stupid-ass band or whoever has rights for NOT leaving the original video (with end-of-Cold-War scenes) on youtube. This is audio only - I miss the video as 1990 was from the days when bands still put lots of effort into original videos.

Wow, things have sure changed a lot from Right There, Right Then.

* Free enough at that time. We can't use that phrase now - it'd be quite erroneous.

Friday - December 9th 2022 8:55AM MST

Looked more closely - yeah the video was released about 6 months after this post.
Friday - December 9th 2022 8:53AM MST

Looks like they have officially released it or something now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MznHdJReoeo
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