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Posted On: Thursday - September 21st 2017 8:04PM MST
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In an unusually stupid ZeroHedge article, "Bay Area Sues Big Oil For Billions" we are told that "the cities of San Francisco and Oakland have filed lawsuits against Chevron, Exxon, ConocoPhillips, BP, and Shell for the effect of their activities on climate change: higher sea levels." OK, if you click on the link, realize that this is not one of the 50% or so of their posts that are by the ZH writers, the "Tyler Durdens, if you will. It is written by a site to which I will never link or click on, named, as the Global Climate DisruptionTM stupidity is strong in this one (named Irina Slav).

This may be the first post on Peak Stupidity that sees a convergence of these, the Global Climate Stupidity and Global Financial Stupidity topic keys. There will be a mathematically-predicted delay, but we will feel this SCZ (Stupidity Convergence Zone) in our bones soon enough. Yeah, California will run out of money to support their socialist ways, as the "other people" portion of the inequality are mostly in Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Idaho as stupidity-nuclei in the oft-observed process of viscous Kalifornication. As to the other topic, Global Climate DisruptionTM is the excuse used for this attempt at a money grab to exceed by far even the tobacco lawsuits, which, though nothing more than a money train for trial lawyers, at least had a tiny amount of merit., via Zerohedge does at least give just the facts at the beginning:
Reuters quoted San Francisco officials as saying that the five oil companies “knowingly and recklessly created an ongoing public nuisance that is causing harm now and in the future risks catastrophic harm to human life and property.”

The companies themselves were restrained in their comments, with Chevron saying the lawsuits would only serve special interests rather than effect a real change, and Exxon finding the claims made by the cities lacking in merit. Conoco and BP did not comment, and Shell said climate change should be addressed by government policy and cultural change rather than by litigation.
Even if the looney Californians really are dumb enough to believe this crap, this just takes a lot of damn gall. I guess the State overseen by such luminaries as Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Governor Moonbeam Brown would not even recognize their gall and stupidity enough to be embarrassed. Do they not use oil and gas and anything involving combustion in the Golden State? If the ocean had risen any significant amount, wouldn't the LA beaches have moved already? That's some expensive real estate, and I believe we'd have heard about it. There is no evidence of any of this rising sea level business. Then there's this:
The plaintiffs claim the companies have know for half a century that greenhouse gas emissions are conducive to climate change but have deliberately concealed this...
During the 1970's the big fear was Global Cooling (at least the committed to a direction of change back then). Shouldn't Exxon have been in the right to have extracted non-literally metric shit-tons of crude to keep combustion going in order to stave off the cold - listen, Californians, you see those free-spending tourists on the beach there - they didn't come for the cold. You know that, don't you? Exxon should sob in court: "We were only tryin' to help! Sob! We didn't know there'd be new scientists with different untested mathematical models. Sob!" (just to be sure, get a jury trial, of your peers, of engineers.)

The stupidity on the part of the Oilprice writer is this comparison of the current stupidity to an actual suit with merit over ACTUAL environmental destruction on the Gulf beaches and swamps after the blow out of that big off shore rig 7 years back.
Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish is pursuing 21 different lawsuits against Big Oil for damage to the state’s wetlands, which is causing coastal erosion. Five of the lawsuits have already been scheduled for 2019.
One of these things is real, and one is imaginary, you flaming retard!

Back to the Financial sector of Stupidity just for a summary, this state will be soon in a world of hurt financially. You can't let in 10 million low-IQ, low-wage earners that use the living hell out of the financial and natural resources, create the biggest experiment in socialism ever tried in these United States, and have loony feminists, commies, and libtards of all stripes run the government and ... where was I? ... without instant latent Karma coming to get you ... gonna knock you on the head ... Juicy pensions will NOT be paid, cities will go bankrupt and the whole thing will collapse upon itself.

I love it when a plan comes together the smell of stupidity converging in the morning ... smells like ... disaster. (... or Latent Karma)

I guess I can see this desperado idea of blaming the winds, pressure systems, and solar irradiation after all - just phrase it as "those mean old oil companies did it!"

Give it a try, California, all the oil company cash may stave off a financial implosion there for another decade. Hopefully, in the meantime, no one will notice that the weather is still sunny and mild in the Golden State. Better go on, take the money and run...

Hey, this Steve Miller doesn't work for President Trump, but he is from the San Franciso area.

"This here's a story about Billy Joe and Bobby Sue,
two young lovers with nothing better to do
than sit around the house, get high and watch the tube.
Here's what happened when they decided to cut loose.

From the Steve Miller Band's album "Fly Like an Eagle" back in 1976.

It was all very cool back then, before California royally screwed the pooch, and way before the money was running out.

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