Why the cops up north won't let the statues be torn down

Posted On: Thursday - September 21st 2017 11:06AM MST
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Why haven't they torn down General Lee up north?

Is it anarcho-tyranny (more here) again, with the South getting the bad end of it? Is it that the north won the War of Northern Aggression? Is it that the cntrl-left only wants to destroy Southern heritage? Peak Stupidity had been led to understand that it is all White heritage and culture that must be destroyed, per cntrl-left manifestos and stuff.

In a totally mentally-internal scoop here, Peak Stupidity has another theory. There are plenty of statues and monuments of American heritage up north. In fact, taking Boston for example, there are monuments to the start of our Revolution against the King of Great Britain, others about the battles fought there, and of course myriads of monuments to the founders of our country. But, see, these people of the cntrl-left don't like our country as it is and don't like to hear us to hear about any of them. So, what gives, man?

There is one reason that the law up there will not let these cultural items be pulled out of the ground, and I have not read this ANYWHERE else on the web, so you read it here first:

For almost any given monument pulled out of the soil in the north, there will be a dead body, possibly Jimmy Hoffa, buried underneath! Were this to be discovered, it would cause the already overworked cops to be just loaded down with paperwork to the point of being basically out-of-commission (what with the parking tickets, inspections to make sure all car horns are working loudly and properly, and the sales at Dunkin Donuts). They just can't go digging willy-nilly up there.

Go anywhere, Giants Stadium, the local Dunkin Donuts, the Ballet, or the Opera, you just don't want to think about who may be buried under the foundation. This is really the best explanation Peak Stupidity has come up regarding this matter.

To add further to the stupidity here, we must refer to our friends written about last week, the notorious "Mythbusters"

Man, not deez fuckin' guys ...

Yep, it seem doze fuckin guys did a show involving a search for the body of the late Jimmy Hoffa, union/mafia guy, who has been missing for quite a while.

Nope, nothing here but a box of old Ramones tickets. BUSTED!

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