Does Donald Trump still read Ann Coulter?

Posted On: Wednesday - September 20th 2017 7:59PM MST
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Ann Coulter says: "They Don’t Call It “The Great Tweet Of China”

In her latest column with advice for President Trump, Ann Coulter nails it as usual. She even shows that she has shed the last vestiges of her neocon roots (first post on Peak Stupidity about her appears here), per:
We hoped we wouldn’t have to spell it out. We thought Trump understood that this was an emergency. We believed he was capable of getting the job done.

If he did understand, then 243 days ago, he would have sent the Navy Seabees and Army Corps of Engineers to start building the wall.

For most of the nation’s history, the primary job of the military—of which President Trump is the commander in chief—was building walls and fortresses on our borders. That’s why we have an Army Corps of Engineers. It may not seem like it from recent history, but the job of our military is to protect America’s borders—not Ukraine’s borders, not Jordan’s borders.
As we wrote in that old post linked above, it was said that Mr. Trump had read Ann Coulter's 2015 book "Adios America", and that's what started this ball rolling, and looking the other way, Miss Coulter had to have gotten lots of material for the gist of the book off of I wish that Miss Coulter really had Pres. Trump's ear, but something tells me that it's "Javanka", the Neoncon advisers and employees that HE PICKED, and the Deep State that have his ears, and other parts too, most likely.

Ann Coulter's column ends with
If Trump doesn’t get that wall built, and fast, his base will be done with him and feed him to Robert Mueller.
This brings up a good point though. Mr. Trump has had political views, mostly conservative, for a few decades now (see, like, youtube). I still believe that he decided to run for this office to do good for this country, though of course it was for his already-big ego too. I don't believe he is in this thing to just stay in power as his goal, like the Bushes, Clintons, Hussein Øb☭ma, and most of them going back to before WWII, I'd guess. This means that any threat of "get this done or you can kiss 2020 goodbye..." doesn't mean much to the man. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just that the guy has been a pretty royal screw-up so far. Miss Coulter's idea of threatening him with some sort of bogus prosecution is facetious, I'd guess, but otherwise there is no plan at all.

Again, I'd better end with - It could have been much, much worse!

Also, kudos to Ann for ragging on the tweeting, though, come to think of it, she's probably done her share of that. Peak Stupidity is still back in the world of telegrams (see bolded paragraph), via some sort of mix up.

I'd meant to write on China and then China vs. Russia (re exiting from Communism), but just was not in the mood for that tonight - more on that stuff coming.

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