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Posted On: Wednesday - September 13th 2017 4:59PM MST
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How did these ones get missed by the PC Police? I saw one "Men at Work" sign just today, but just could not get a pic, hence the file photo above. Yeah, Peak Stupidity is well aware that men do 98% of the dangerous work, and and maybe 95% of the hard manual labor, at least in America. That does not usually stop the politically correct scolds that want to tell us we are all equal, and the signs (like above) are sexist.

It takes a lot of money and time to make an assload of new signs to replace these, and who will do the hard work at the plant to do it? Men.

It's sad that just seeing a sign like this makes part of my day, but that's what it's come to. Now, from a totally different time, and a place where women glowed and men plundered - no, no nothing to do with the 3-Mile Island nucular facility or it's problems a year earlier, we have Men at Work from a "Land Down Under" off of their debut album "Business as Usual", written by Colin Hay, and Ron Strykert.

Hey, Peak Stupidity readers know by now that lyrics don't matter much, but this is a good example. I DID try vegemite about 10 years after hearing this song, and, trust me, it is some nasty shit. If that black goo is the Streelin version of peanut butter, then I don't want to try their jelly substitute either. Again, don't listen to the lyrics, as Peak Stupidity learned the hard way!

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