DREAM all you want, but YOU! HAVE! TO! GO! BACK!

Posted On: Wednesday - September 6th 2017 1:10PM MST
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I had a dream. It involved the blond girl on the left!

After I did the laundry I imagined a day when we would take a chance on all the poor, stretched-out leggy supermodels and other IMILFS that fill out the proper paperwork!

Per this Politico*1 article linked to by Matt Drudge, along with Michelle Malkin's commentary here*2, we see that President Trump made the right decision, or at least FOR NOW, on the DREAMERS. Yeah, everyone and his brother's got a freakin' DREAM! I would guess even the "DREAMERS" who have broken into the country, or whose parents committed this felony, are mostly just guys who dream of a decent living, possibly taking care of the family down south or making a new one, etc. Some may be dreaming of moving up the ladder of the brutal gang MS-13. Others dream of easy money from Uncle Sam the taxpayers of America via the EIC, WIC for the kids' stuff, easy terms on house (housing bubble 2.0) and car loans. Some may dream of a land of freedom without responsibility, being on the "anarcho" side of a land of anarcho-tyranny, where one can drive around drunker than all get out or force themselves on the young ladies, and just leave the country for a spell, if any serious trouble ensues.

He, yeah, we all all have DREAMS. Some middle-class American kids may DREAM that their Dad can be home with them again, you know "re-uniting the family" and all, after being estranged from fines, loss of his job, forced separation from their Mom and so forth due to being pulled over with a 0.10 % breathalyzer reading. It's tough being the low-hanging fruit on the "tyranny" side of this land of anarcho-tyranny. Some American DREAMERS may just DREAM that they can live a decent life and have a family without having connections or 8 years of college putting them into a no-house-down mortgage in a country that has eviscerated much of its manufacturing to make a lot of money for a small crowd of important people, leaving not many decent blue-collar jobs. Some Americans DREAM of a different government that does not take 1/3 of the money they make to redistribute it to other DREAMERS that broke laws to invade their lands. Others DREAM that their DREAMY kids could go to school with people that have their own culture and language, so that everyone can get along.

BTW, Mexican government conquistadors trying to keep influencing American politics, how well do you all treat those Salvadorian and Guatamalen DREAMERS? Do you let them hang out in Mexico on the dole, or even find a job there, or do they get jailed, robbed and raped until they wake up from their DREAMS? Maybe you should all just SHUT! THE! FUCKIMSIMO! UP-O!, GOVERNMENTO PENDEJOS, or we'll all be writing about the NIGHTMARERS (Not Invited by the Gringos Hose-A Therefore, Make A Rapido Exit.

Yeah, enough of this DREAM crap. You have to go back.

One excerpt from Mrs. Malkin's column:
Nancy Pelosi called on House Republicans to help her “safeguard our young DREAMers from the senseless cruelty of deportation and shield families from separation and heartbreak.”

Never has this Bay Area elitist called on House Republicans to join her in shielding native-born and law-abiding immigrant families from the senseless and preventable violence committed by criminals in this country illegally who’ve caused immeasurable heartbreak for decades in her overrun California sanctuary.

Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose son was mercilessly shot to death by a sanctuary-protected gang member living in outlaw-coddling Los Angeles illegally, administered a bracing reality check:

“You want to talk about families being separated? Try spending your holidays talking to a grave!”

So, major kudos to Donald Trump for sticking to his patriotic voters' wishes on this one. In fact, this is the reason he is President - the immigration issue - aside from getting the major break of being opposed in the '16 election by some type of beastly antiChrist runner-up. Peak Stupidity is pleased and, in fact, surprised by this development on the DACA program of amnesty. It is still no sure thing that this Trump hasn't been neoconned already (we don't believe purposefully, but perhaps under duress). His foreign policy doings have been very dissapointing and contrary to promises he made. This is just as important stuff in the long run, but not as much relatively in the short run, as the immigration issue is pressing, as it's just plain existential. If we don't fix things now, there will be no point or way of fixing anything else in America. Let's hope for and push for this stuff to keep up. Ignore the outcry from the Lyin' Press and the Red and Blue wings of the Government Party.

*1 BTW, Politico is another arm of the LP (Lyin' Press), but it's fun to read this stuff for gloating purposes alone.
*2 VDare writers themselves are the source for all the details, and have written on this topic for years. Their forte is immigration, legal and illegal. I just didn't have a specific article in mind from that site.

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