C'mon guys, it's all Cheerios nowadays!

Posted On: Thursday - December 1st 2016 8:32AM MST
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I just called up a reasonably nice lady at Kellogg' Consumer Affairs Department at 800-962-1413 (thanks, Amren commenter for the number).

I had a nice little rant talk with the lady, bringing up the issue of the Kelloggs company pulling all ads off of Brietbart.com. After she said this was not political, blah, blah, I asked her what other advertising they had pulled off of other sites for various reasons. She didn't know. There's no arguing with people in these types of positions anyway, as it's not really their job, or in their scripts on their computer screens.

I had just called to get a word in, is all. After I told her that we would buy no more Cheese-its or Special K, and switch to Cheerios, she kept up the BS a bit too long, so I had to repeat myself about the Cheerios a number of times to get her to hang up first. Ha!

(I also ran the numbers for her - worst case scenario, losing $20/week or so from each Breitbart reading junk-food eater times, what 45 million viewers of the site times 52 weeks in a year - multiplies out to some serious mullah. Yes, I know this is a rectal-extraction-based order-of-magnitude highball estimate.)

Full Disclosure: All this packaged crap is slowly killing us - so it's not like the family eats much of this stuff anyway. It's hard to boycott people when you never participate to begin with - one of the problems with being a minimalist.

Fuller Disclosure: Breitbart is pretty damn unreadable with my browswers anyway - all kinds of crap pops up and keeps moving the page around while I'm trying to read the damn article itself. It's almost worthless, but nothing against the content. In fact, come to think of it, maybe it's the Kelloggs ads to begin with that are dicking up the site.

I'm confused at this point, so I may just install Adblock while I'm having a snack of Cheerios.

Come on guys, it's all Adblock nowadays.

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