Anarcho-Tyranny, WTF?

Posted On: Wednesday - August 30th 2017 9:52AM MST
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The term "Anarcho-tyranny" was discussed a week back here on Peak Stupidity in relation specifically to the Charlottesville, Virginia street battle. Links to the source of the term from the late Mr. Sam Francis were are in that older post. This post will discuss this method of government oppression (just one of potpourri of methods that exist) with examples.

Under anarcho-tyranny, as can be gleaned from the word itself, one sector or class of people in society can end up under tyranny, while another sector is left free to raise quite a bit of Holy Hell without many repercussions. In American society today, under our beastly Feral Government, and assisted by other underling governments, the middle class, but the white middle class especially lives under many rules undreamed about even in the wettest dreams of the commissars of Soviet Russia. It is a thin line that we must follow throughout life in order to not get in some kind of costly trouble at some point, and especially to not even have any worry about a possible clamp-down or visit by some part of the long tentacles of the law for some violation we don't even know about. At the same time, the illegal alien Mexicans, Chinese, and others, and much of the black ghetto, live under a different, more relaxed set of rules. They can get away with raising a whole lot more hell, and they have "outs" that the (white) middle class does not.

Here's how it works. Anyone not at the high, elite levels of society, where money and/or connections can get anything done, but who has a job and maybe even a family to support with that, has a lot to lose by getting in trouble with the law. OK, for felonies, sure, you may argue, but the little stuff just results in fines from the Highway Department, liens on the house, that sort of thing. Yeah, well, try not dealing with all the little stuff, and it will turn into the big stuff (cops at the door for an arrest or eviction) soon enough. We have got fines for license plates you forgot to turn in, for cars left in the front yard in the wrong spot (try, just try to get along with your neighbors, or else), and myriads of stupid rules that you MUST deal with daily if you don't want to jeopardize your family life. Now, if you have the gall to try to run your working life on your own via starting a business, well, you are on a whole nother level of stupidity regarding governments.

How about the other sectors, say, I dunno, the folks in the barrios in Los Angeles? Well, if the law can't even tell WHO you are from your fake ID and stolen SS number, they really can't do a lot to you. Ran through a red light drunk as a skunk and plowed into a nice middle class family? No problem? OK, you may spend a 1/2 year or two with a free crash pad and guaranteed grits and PB&J - yes, you will miss the tamales, so there is that sacrifice. No matter what, you can hightail it to your bugout location called Meheeco, and come back next year wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. If you, the reader, don't read what goes on with this stuff, you may not even know that some people come and go 5, 10 15 times! Without any idea and easy facial identification - yes you, the Mexican or Guatemalan do all look the same to the American law - and you are a new man every time you show up. Why even worry about more felonies, when each break-in to the US is a felony? After the 1st one, the rest are free, they say.

Illegal Chinese people in the Chinatowns in all the big cities, and spread out thinner in any medium-sized city, have the same "perks". Can you, an American, tell one from another? Not usually, right? In trouble with the law - just move to New York City. Who is going to find you? If it is a really major thing, and your picture has even been sent around, well you should have saved up the money by now (Chinese people have!) to pay off the right Chinese official to get left alone.

Try doing all ANY of this as a white working man. You can't get far even disputing a $25 bullshit error in you property tax bill without pissing off the bureaucrats and bring on nasty glares and more trouble. If you don't play by the strict rules laid down on you, you WILL lose your job first, and if you don't repent quickly and hard, lose your family after that. That's why there has been not been so much push back from this sector against the massive stupidity that has emerged in American life, with the exception of just voting and having some very defensively-peaceful rallies here and there.

Why did I mention the ghetto thugs? Yeah, they're Americans. However, as far as petty crime goes, most of them will not get treated with the thoroughness as a middle-class guy (of any race) who has violated some petty edict. See, the cops can't deal with all the little stuff with these guys, as there aren't the resources to deal with it. Even crime committed with the use of handguns will not get near the punishment for the "having a gun" part as it will for someone in the middle class. If you're in and out of jail regularly enough to where you say "hey" by name to the booking officers, your career is absolutely NOT in jeopardy, and your family is probably used to it; the occasional visits to the "big house" are treated as trips to the beach are to a middle-class family.

Middle-Class Guy- 10 Grand MINIMUM to worry about, maybe job loss:

La Raza Anti-Gringo Illegal-Alien Protest Guy- An Arrest? Haha, NOT LIKELY! Earned-Income Tax Credit - it's IN THE MAIL:

Some questions and tentative answers about the "why?"'s and "how?"'s about anarcho-tyranny will be the subject of an upcoming post in a day or two.

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