Peak Stupidity single-question, single-side-informed interview by Pat Buchanan

Posted On: Tuesday - August 29th 2017 9:28AM MST
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Is that title a bit confusing? Well, the point is, that Pat Buchanan asked "Can the GOP's Shotgun Marriage be Saved?", and we answer this question here. So, it's like an single-question interview where the questioner doesn't really know who he's interviewing exactly.... still, how does this not meet the definition of being interviewed? Mr. Buchanan asked the question and we are answering it. That's our story, and we're sticking to it!

Today's Panel on Press the Meat:

Buchanan: Can the GOP's Shotgun Marriage be Saved?

Stupidity: Let's take this this marriage analogy a little bit further, OK, Pat? A shotgun marriage usually occurs occurred when the young lady started to show that she had a little one inside but no ring on her finger. In this analogy, I guess the offspring would be the alt-right, in addition to an order of magnitude more Trump supporters (formerly establishment-supporting conservatives who have broken out from the narrative reservation) "I hear more than one heartbeat" - Doc Buchanan. Either way, this couple was forced in the sights of a Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun the delegates in Cleveland, Ohio to make their vows, but was not happy about it.

The problem here is that the couple was never in love in the first place, and this birthing of the alt-right and Trump supporters was an accident from a one-night stand that happened at the (cash-only $20/hr.) "America First" motel, somewhere in the environs of Trump Plaza, NYC two years back. Just in the 1st 8 months of this loveless marriage, there have been many spats and more serious fights. Fine China and wine glasses ... Tupperware and empty Yoohoo bottles decisions by tribal judges and votes by Senatorial gigolos have been thrown around frequently, many times requiring the Law Lyin' Press to arrive at this couple's doorstep to set things right per the current feminist Establishment/Deep State viewpoint that the man Guy-who-cares-about-Americans is always wrong.

We're finding out the real truth now, and believe me, this happens a lot. It seems that, as this couple heads for the big D, Dallas, Texas Dee-vorce, that the new Mommy Republican party establishment has been literally literally in bed with the family-court Lyin' Press appointed divorce lawyer Democrat party for years decades now. The devoted Dad President of the United States would honestly be better off taking off with the kids rallying his American patriot supporters, and leaving the Mom and divorce lawyer lover two (red/blue) wings of the establishment party with the double-wide trailer, the 2 pick-ups and the Camaro big houses in the Swamp and the $20,000 in credit card $20,000,000,000,000 in treasury bond debt and starting over.

No, it can't be saved.

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