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Posted On: Friday - August 25th 2017 5:12PM MST
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Al Roker or Mark McEwen, well they're both chubby weathermen.

In the early days of this blog, Peak Stupidity posted about an episode of Seinfeld from the early 1990's called "Cigar Store Indian ("Not as much PC back in '93"). Though that show in general was very funny, 2nd in Peak Stupidity opinion to "The Office", it's the earlier episodes that are the best for 2 reasons - a) as a friend said, the later ones were just too unrealistic in putting the characters in odd situations, as possibly the writers were running out of ideas, and b) the earlier shows were even less PC and made an effort to skewer the politically correct crap of the day (fairly minimal and at much lower stupidity levels than that of today).

Well, I am off TV, as Cosmo Kramer would say, but yesterday while staying out of town, I got to watch 6 episodes in a row on the TV. These 6 just happened to be some of the early episodes from 1992 - 1994 approximately and included the great parody of PC in the American Indian episode mentioned above. After a busy day, it was truly relaxing to watch these 4 funny people. Well, as mentioned in here before, it's only the commercial breaks that cause distress, even with the mute on. I know, I know, "Get the DVD's, idiot!". Anyway, this time the commercials were big on the idiot Dad; I could tell that just from my glancing at the screen to see if the show came back on. The wife's got a surly look like "what a dufus, I guess I'll wear the pants in the family." It was one after another of those. Do the people who arrange the ads have any idea how little the commercials have in common with the shows or that I'm not buying any of their shit EVEN MORESO than I wasn't before?!

It is possible that my curmudgeonry is what makes the old shows so much fun to watch. Is it that these shows reminded me of a better time of this country? It's not just the politics and the freedom. Hey, not to knock the internet here - it'd be kinda hypocritical at this moment - but there was no such thing in these shows, and one had Jerry typing something into some old Mac computer! Or, is it that the early 1990's TV brought back memories of my life back then, not necessarily better, but just different? It's perhaps both.

I've not spent too much time in NY City, but I believe this time was when that city was coming out of a fairly bad period (being replicated today), and the new Mayor Guliani was featured in the one episode about the "non-fat" frozen yogurt. It's just good fun, and the clip below, from the same episode, "Cigar Store Indian" is just some scenes in the NY subway. Things will never be this way again - it's all just different and worse.

The lovable weirdo is actor Sam Lloyd.

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