Who are these Antifa guys?

Posted On: Wednesday - August 23rd 2017 6:34AM MST
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Has Peak Stupidity gone Marxist?

Unfortunately yes, but we only follow the guy on the right!

This should be the last post about Charlottesville for a good while, but then, Peak Stupidity gives no guarantees, other than that we are an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY Offender, as required by our UN Charter in addition to the wishes of our donors deep, deep up the rectum of the Deep State.

Anyhow, to finish the discussion, from here, here, here, and here, this quick post is about who these "antifa" are? What does the stupid ill-pronouncable name mean? Anti-fascists, is it? It's not like we've had a whole lot of actual fascists around until these guys themselves, so ...

We've heard the terms Social Justice Warriors and Cultural Marxists to describe these fools. The first one is somewhat appropriate, as the term "Social Justice" has been around a while, at least back to the day of the pre-brain-damaged Glenn Beck and his rotatable chalk board with the circle and arrows on CNN. They do like that stuff, but what a perversion of the word justice it is! One of the institutions of society that they are in the process of tearing down is actual justice (the'll probably miss it terribly too.)

As to the 2nd term, "Cultural Marxist", there are arguments about the Marxism part. Once you look closely at who these people are, it is hard to believe they enough history even to be aware of what this Marxism thing is. I don't believe these idiots out on the streets really care about the "from each according to her ability, to each according to his, ummm, needs" business. They like the hell-raising (what young man doesn't) part, the tearing-down-of-traditions part, but really don't care too much about the "utopia-at-the-end-of-all-this" part, which should be the best part, right? I've talked to a few of these guys, and their Marxist beliefs may lean more toward the Groucho wing than the Karl wing (it's like a Lenin vs. Trotsky thing, I guess, but I'm no student of com-history.)

Useful idiots with no useful purpose in life other than to "work for" some cause are nothing new to the world. These new ones, the Antifa's, however, have twisted the meaning of words and invoked so much hypocrisy in their doings that I really don't know if this kind of stupidity HAS been seen before. It is interesting now to read about the crazy state of society in Germany 100 - 80 years ago when there were the Communists trying to convert the country into another Soviet Union, or maybe a branch thereof, and the Nazi's trying to prevent that. Many people have no idea that the Nazis grew to power partly based on their intentions to stop the Commies from taking over. OK, so now pundits and the like will draw parallels to that time and place to try to explain what goes on today. That is one of their ways to equate Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, along with the usual "we don't like him" reasons.

There is quite a difference between today's alt-right and the Nazi's, number 1 being that their methods of stating their case are peaceful, for now (no one is gonna stay defenseless among the crowds of the armed useful idiots - can you blame them?) The 2nd difference is that the Nazi's had more support from institutions than these guys. The Nazi's had many former WWI officers (maybe the original "deep state", per commenter Grandpa Charlie) and others who had had enough of the way Germany was completely villified and financial screwed by the powers via the Versailles Treaty. This was only a decade or two back then (like the Clinton administration's selling out to China is for us). The alt-right may have general good feelings from much of the population, but people are still afraid to give overt support.

Now, fascism can be defined by it's economic precepts, Big Gov't/Big Corps cooperation to rule the population, basically - i.e. 2017 America, but most unknowing people just equate it to Nazi's, plain and simple. They mean the tyrannical method of rule, not any economic theory. That does not distinguish it from tyrannical Communism, the way Communism ALWAYS goes, or tyrannical anything else. If we go with that definition anyway, just to go along to get along, then the Antifa are anything but "anti-fascist". They have all the power on their side, for now, and use it just to tyrannize anyone who does not agree or comply. That's the hypocrisy.

Peak Stupidity hopes that the alt-right, real conservatives, and constitutionalists can keep these antifa's from doing any more real damage to American society before things get out of control. The alt-right and other must be allowed to speak out, so this intimidation of them better be stopped soon. Most people know not to corner an animal even as small as a squirrel. If the cntrl-left keeps holding a lid on free speech, free assembly, and other rights, they will box the other side into a corner. At that point some of the alt-right may just go and turn into real Nazi's, as there'd be no other recourse. That won't be good for anybody.

This is turning into a different post entirely, but just to wrap that thought up, we in America will not experience exactly the scenario of Nazi Germany of the 1930's for one reason only - the people have held onto their arms. History may rhyme, but it won't repeat, due to repeating arms.

Peak Stupidity has some more material on this crowd associated with the topic key "ctrl-left", kind of a neat term, I might add.

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