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Posted On: Thursday - August 17th 2017 3:18PM MST
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It's not the intention of the Peak Stupidity blog to harp on a topic all week long. We would like to cover the various and sundry "flavors", if you will, of stupidity by broadly covering them in semi-random fashion to keep the readers from being bored, for one thing. As much as I have linked to Steve Sailer @ unz.com (he is concurrently a VDare blogger) one of my slight beefs with his blog is that he will get deeply fixated on some topic and drill down into it with many posts until I've just had enough. You've got to do that kind of detailed thinking for engineering or science, but it's just too much sometimes in the political world when many of the human details, the motivations of people, can't be known. Now, that's Sailer's business, of course, and he writes enough stuff to allow skipping of the many followups in the subjects that are uninteresting to some.

Anyway, why post on the Charlottesville street battle all week (or more) here? It's not like it was some big disaster, tragedy, or terrorism that killed thousands. People get killed and maimed everyday but various methods. Were you an innocent, decent black guy in an inner city, you'd probably every year learn of someone you know personally getting shot or killed by a ghetto thug. I mean, that would just be in your OWN CITY, and this stuff happens in every inner city where loads of black people reside. Tornados, flash floods, chemical plant explosions, whatever... it's a big country and bad things happen all the time.

No free speech for you or we'll get people to kick your asses!

No, the reason this is important is that it shows the increase in the pace of change happening in this country in the long-ongoing cultural war. Things that were unthinkable by serious people even a decade ago are just standard anymore. A decade ago, in particular as related to a statue of General Robert E. Lee, maybe some radical college student groups or black organizations may have written that statues of War of Northern Aggression heroes should be taken down. However, a Southern city government would not have taken it seriously. Had a traditionalist group come out to demonstrate in favor of Southern heritage, they would have gotten bad press in the student newspaper - that's been par for the course for 50 years. There would not have been a street battle. These people will never be satisfied with some type of compromise ending with "OK, are we all satisfied now? Can you disband and leave us to our everyday lives?" It does not work that way. They live to destroy the institutions of America, and it helps their credibility with their peers to break new ground. To paraphrase a funny comment by a guy under a Sailer unz post, you can't even joke around anymore. You may be bullshitting with a buddy who has these cntrl-left tendencies, "hey, next, thing you know they'll be ..." and he'll be all "wait, hold my beer (OK, frappachino)!"

These people have gotten pretty bold. Why?

Here's the reason things are changing quickly now - the SJW's, Antifas, black militants, and the rest of these types have been greatly emboldened by the fact that they have all big institutions on their side at this point. The Lyin Press, the Universities (admins, most professors, student organizations), the grade schools indoctrination centers, and most importantly as related to events like Charlottesville, the governments of all levels, Fed, State, and local. The amount of time that these institutions have been cnrtl-left and PC oriented varies among them. It seems as though the "Long March through the Institutions" is at it's last couple of miles, though, with it's destination in sight via decent 7X binoculars. The cntrl-left street "warriors" (yeah, right!) have gotten away with so much because the institutions will back them up via anarcho-tyranny. Because that term has appeared a few times now on Peak Stupidity, let me insert one side paragraph, that the reader may want to skip.

[ Yes, there will be an upcoming post on this important concept anarcho-tyranny. Peak Stupidity does not like to link FORWARD (re: internal site links) however, as in go back to this post, for example, and make a link to a later post on this related term. It's more trouble to keep up with than linking BACKWARDS to already written posts, as is done a lot here. Anyway, the concept of anarcho-tyranny relates not just to the Charlottesville events, but to a lot of what has been going on in this country for decades now.]

As the cntrl-left has more backing by authorities and their own particular narrative can be spread via the Lyin Press, anyone standing up for American traditions and white men is in a rough spot. I imagine you've read already time and again on internet comments the one "hey, you keyboard warriors, someone's got to get out and do something. Why do we let them get away with more and more?" I'll tell you why, some individual or small group of the alt-right - try to take a stand in public - your job maybe immediately in jeopardy if you don't somehow remain anonymous, but only the cntrl-left seem to be left alone to be anonymous. It'll be very hard to remain so. OK, you don't care about your job. Once some cntrl-left people threaten to get violent, what do you do? If you are not prepared, it'll be wise to back down. However, you may be prepared, but if you defend yourself, everyone will be against you - the law, the local press, and maybe even your fellows who decided not to come out that day (like the one of 3 bank robbers in "Dog Day Afternoon" - at the last minute outside the bank he's just all "hey, no, I don't want to do this. I'll see you guys later. Haha.)

It's hard to defend your traditions and your country one can see. Do you see now why everyone has put lots of hope and faith into President Trump? The acts of voting and attending large rallies of like-minded people were things that an average alt-right or just conservative guy could get away with. Now what, though? The guy can't and is probably not even willing, to defend traditional America by himself.

OK, further posts on Charlottesville will be on:

1) General Robert E. Lee and the history involved.

2) Who are the cntrl-left/Cultural Marxists really?

3) Anarcho-tyranny.

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