Don't let yourself get (Reginald) Dennyed

Posted On: Wednesday - August 16th 2017 8:55PM MST
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As usual, much of what I think of writing about gets written by better writers, and the mark of a good opinion/news website is you often will read what you could have written in full agreement. VDare is an example and Zerohedge's commenters is another. From VDare now, James Kirkpatrick wrote Narrative Collapse: Is Charlottesville’s James Alex Fields The Next George Zimmerman? yesterday or so, about Mr. Feilds' running down some "folks" at the Charlottesville street battle scene. You've probably seen multiple videos.

The details will come out before or at least at a hopefully fair trial for Mr. Fields. The question is whether he was being attacked in a manner that required self-defense. The answer to that is probably yes, Then, did he use excessive force above that needed to extricate himself? (I am embarrassed by having commented on another blog that he was moving slow enough throught his driving that the antifa idiots could have gotten out of the way. I had seen a half-speed video at first, so that is, well, just embarrasing, I'll say here.) We'll get the details, so I shouldn't speculate anymore.

In response to President Trump's premature calling-out Mr. Fields as a murderer and terrorist(?), Mr. Kirkpatrick says:
Needless to say, Trump will get no credit for these words. And perhaps he shouldn’t. Especially when it follows a statement about wanting to “know the facts", it is wildly speculative to call James Fields a "murderer". There is a surprisingly good chance he will be acquitted—or, perhaps more likely, convicted of a lesser offense such as manslaughter. This is exactly what happened with George Zimmerman, Officer Darren Wilson and a long list of other Main Stream Media lynching victims (including most notoriously South Charleston police officer Michael Slager, whose murder charges were ultimately dropped).
NOTE: Mr. Kirkpatrick has many links to the stories referenced in the above paragraph.

Now, this VDare writer has some of his own speculation of what situation Mr. Fields may have been in - whether the mob had already taken swings at his car, etc. This speculation is meant to counteract that which means to immediately give him the appellation of "murderer". Some of it is on video, though - the writer:
However, video evidence shows his car was quickly set upon by a mob wielding bats, who smashed his back windows and would presumably have smashed his skull had he not backed out quickly. That’s clearly self-defense.
It is just too late for me to write a full post tonight on this, so I will just advise the reader to read this good opinion article among others. However, this is what the title of this post means: When you are dealing with an angry mob, things can get much more violent in a hurry, than they might with one man who you may be at odds with but can still reason with. Mobs cannot be reasoned with. If your car were being smashed by weapons such as this mob had, you would not know if you would be next to be smashed once they got inside or got you outside. Back in the Los Angeles riots in 1992, along with many others, a trucker named Reginald Denny was beaten badly by the mob of angry blacks, once he got out of his tractor of his semi rig. He was beaten bad enough to have health problems the rest of his life. He might wish now he had just kept driving and hoped the mob got out of the way, but it they hadn't they deserved every tire tread mark on their bodies.

When you are being attacked, self-defense is always justified, but you may need a weapon. A vehicle can be the weapon. It may be a hard spur-of-the-moment call sometime, but being sent to trial with a defense of self-defense could be a better option than being Dennyed:

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