Charlottesville and the Lyin Press

Posted On: Tuesday - August 15th 2017 10:59AM MST
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As usual, Peak Stupidity runs about a week late on the current events, as THE STUPIDITY STOPS FOR NO MAN!. There is this great summary of the street battle from a guy who was there on In addition, VDare writer James Fulford also has this great article on the same website that discusses the anarcho-tyranny (a term coined by the late Sam Francis that applies very much to the political/government scene in current-day America and will be the topic of another post.).

This post is, as the title says, just about the Lyin' Press angle. The Drudge Report (Matt Drudge) usually is on the side of conservatism, libertarianism, and possibly the alt-right. Yeah, the site is ubiquitous, but notwithstanding, Peak Stupidity mentions the site here and here. As Drudgereport is all headline links, it's usually a good place to get a few versions of each story Drudge reckons is interesting/important, and he usually links to Breitbart and other sites that are not part of the Lyin' Press.

I clicked on a link about the Charlottesville battle that (look at the status bar) linked to yahoo. What a mistake, well if one is interested in the truth, or at least just the facts! Yeah, I should have known, as this was already discussed on our site. Hey, it was my "least worse" choice this time based on viewing the source of the Drudge links.

A necessary component of the Lyin Press:

Anyway, the first sentence mentions the "neo-nazis". Yes, there apparently were some Nazi flags/signs there, but 2 things about that: It'd be very easy for a ringer, paid by a staffer of the antifa-backers, the gov'ts of Virginia and Charlottesville to come with a flag or sign, and the press will snap the photos - only takes a few minutes, as a friend brought up. Who knows? Secondly, as one of the VDare writers said (paraphrase) - people are just bored with being called Nazis. Just go with it "yeah, I'm a Nazi, I don't care what you think, etc." White supremacists or white nationalists are mentioned in the same sentence. Not all of the alt-right are, depending on how you you define terms - Jared Taylor of American Renaissance has these defined nicely, but I don't have a link to the exact article. Even so, does any serious (non-stupid) American think that these guys are people to worry about, I mean, unless you are part of those wanting to continue the downfall of the culture and the replacement of the people, of course? I don't mean that they may not be a large force in the near future, but I don't see any downside to that.

Next, the article starts off with the big assumption that these guys defending a statue of a great man came to do violence, and the antifa idiots and police had to get out there to stop them. No matter what names you call them, we all know that they came out to try to put a stop on the deletion of American history. Robert E. Lee, no matter what opinions you have of the War of Northern Aggression, was a great man, unlike almost no one in the company of the elites today. (That's another post coming.). Misters "Charlottesville Survivor" and Fulford in the VDare articles linked-to above already covered the information about who did what in Charlottesville, so I won't get into that. Just imagine a reversed situation, Bizarro America, where some city (right!?!) has a plan to tear down the Martin Luther Kang and Rosa Parks statues. Then some black guys come out to peacefully protest the erasure of THEIR history. Then some white guys with bats and other weapons come out to beat their asses and the cops come by and don't separate anyone but tell the black guys they most go home due to their violence. Absurd, right? Anyone who understands the pure unadulterated absurdity of the reverse happening will also understand what really went on in Charlottesville.

What I noticed as the most flagrant biased journalism in that yahoo article was their attitude during the whole short opinion peace masquerading as an article is that it was immediately apparent who were the bad guys and who were the good guys. To paraphrase "these bad guys came and so these good guys came and also brought other good guys, the cops, to together beat these bad guys' asses and send them away." There was no thought given to the idea of "two sides to every story".

These yahoos at yahoo are just another sector of the Lyin' Press, as are all the "front pages" of the major sites of any large corporation. I wonder if they have a choice.

NO, I will not link to the Media Stupidity of the Lyin' Press to show you the one I discussed here - just go to Google - you'll find plenty of this crap.

[Addendum 8/15 evening:] Added paragraph 5, as I meant to write that earlier but left it out.

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