You've got a friend in the Diamond Business (Part 3)

Posted On: Friday - August 11th 2017 6:18PM MST
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(Continued from last post, and here is Part 1.)

This post is a summary of the amazing, devious business of the DeBeers diamond industry, as related by Mr. Edward Jay Epstein. I don't normally care for this 3 name crap, but I'll cut this guy a break.

As shown by the book excerpts in Part 2, this business is a monopoly scam from end to end. It's the tail end, the retail jewelry business that irks me the most. Of course, most men will not even argue the stupidity of the idea of giving a rock of unknown value (though seemingly known to be VERY EXPENSIVE by the expert jewelers at Jarrod) with a bride-to-be. I think any man of average-intelligence will understand that this is some type of necessary ritual to get this already risky marriage thing done, along with the stupid big-fat-wedding stuff. As written in Part 1, the money could be spent much more wisely as a single guy to get many of the same benefits at a low, low cost. It irks me to no end to think about how this scam has been perpetrated via American media, even before TV, that is. Ask 100 men of various ages if they think the diamond-engagement ring ritual has been around since America was. Once you've read this book, you'll be surprised at most of the men's answers, though that used to be you, right?

Besides the elites, Americans in general are not doing so well financially. When they (not me) are living paycheck-to-paycheck, or disability payment-to-disability payment, is it really wise for any of us to buy a stone for 2 month's salary that could be replaced by a man-made one were the industry not monopolized or, better yet, a piece of cubic zirconium, were we less honest (undoubtedly a bad way to start a marriage) with his bride-to-be? Well, one benefit of being the working poor is that that 2-month's salary is not so much in absolute terms, so there's that.

That brings me to all the slogans - I believe Peak Stupidity has covered them:

"You have a Friend in the Diamond Business." Was that just a local retail slogan? I'm not sure, but it's a pretty big lie. No good friend would happily rip you off like that.

"Diamonds are Forever." This is true. So is depleted uranium, the moon (pretty much?). However, Gold is also forever, and it's real money. I really wish this deal would change to gold, as in India, at least.

"Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend." Let's see. Again, I thought it was silicone. Hmmm, maybe her husband could be, but it's hard for that to happen were he truthful about the diamond and wedding BS while all the women have been brainwashed by this multi-decadal scam.

Men have been suckered, pussy-whipped, and shamed into patsies for DeBeers for too long now. I think it's time for us to pull out the Social Justice Warrior approach to aid us, as anathema of that may be. Here's how, guys. First, here is a picture of a diamond mine, where we know how terrible the conditions are:

You know the kind of thing that goes on here? Blood feuds, genocide, mother-raping, father-raping, littering...

Here's what you tell your young lady:

"Listen, I'd love to buy you that big diamond we saw at Jarrod, and yes I know it makes you horny (for a while). It's just that, sob sob ..."

"Yes? What's wrong, honey... wait, you've GOT THE MONEY, don't you?!"

"Yes, it's not that ... it's just ... well, the terrible conditions in the mines in these countries in Africa ... I'm so concerned. There are murders every day. Rape! Genocide! I can't be part of this ... no way!"

"Ohhh.... "

"Yeah, I think I should get you a ruby instead. Sure, they're, cough, cough .. a little bit, cough, cough, cheaper, but they come from different African countries where all the miners do is kick the ever-lovin' shit out of each other."

End Note: Please take the time, maybe 1 hour per night (2 chapters) for a week to read Mr. Epstein's great book. I mean, he was there, and the book's got big business deals, colonial politics, engineering, geology, flying, deep state stuff, all the interesting things you could think of. Mainly it tells a story most have never heard nor had an inkling of. So, we do have ONE friend in the diamond business, Mr. Edward Jay Epstein.

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