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Posted On: Tuesday - August 8th 2017 12:25PM MST
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I came across a new favorite website, and this doesn't happen everyday. This one is called The Daily Westerner, and the post/page that I originally arrived on via a link is The Stages of Decline after a Society Becomes Infected by Feminism

Peak Stupidity has presented only a handful of posts on the topic-key of feminism so far, but the amount of raw stupidity involved is mighty IN-tense (accented on the 1st syllable if you are a trucker working in a convoy). There will be more. The Daily Westerner reckons that there are 5 stages in the infection of feminism, and his post is a treatment (in writer-speak, not doctor-speak) of it as an infectious desease. There have been worse deseases for people on personal levels, much worse, but feminism is much worse on a societal level than probably anything else the stupid among us have come up with, and they try hard.

I'm no Doctor specializing in cures for Cultural Marxism, so I don't really have a 2nd opinion right now to counter Daily Westerner's diagnosis that this desease is in it's terminal states in the United States:
The nation is near death. The feminist agenda is completely unopposed. Individuals are infected early in their growth stages. Dissent—something that could inoculate against infection—is prohibited. The high viral load causes individuals to reproduce at only half the rate needed to sustain the nation, which begins to wither quite rapidly.

Then invasive bodies attack the host with impunity, just as happens to an AIDS patient. The government (the nation’s cerebral executive function) will even encourage this, because all the while it’s been infected by the alien microbes that released the cultural Marxism toxins. The law (the nation’s immune system) is utterly paralyzed and can’t control the invaders. Several case studies show that it will not react at all if massive numbers of female individuals are targeted. However, the law will still punish free speech by healthy individuals trying to halt the diseases killing the nation.

Read the whole thing, as they say - he's got pictures to break it up a little. I like the guy's writing and will keep up with the Daily Westerner (only a post every day or two).

Friday - August 10th 2018 10:09AM MST
PS - Hey Pat Bart. Yes, he'd not blogging at the URL. Is it more censorship? I don't know, but this IS this same guy, is it not?

I'm asking you, not being snarky about it.

I have neglected to read his stuff since a while after writing this post, but will look at it some more. BTW, I cannot at first glance find the article that my broken link above was pointing to.

Lastly, this is facebook. I hate facebook, and it is sure not a good refuge for TDW's site, if "they" want to oust him. It'd be easy.
Friday - August 10th 2018 2:04AM MST
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