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Posted On: Saturday - August 5th 2017 5:32PM MST
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It is not a bad thing that anyone, including some complete whack-jobs, can run for any office; it's just bad at the high levels that the whack-jobs are usually the ones hand-picked by our elites (we got one break in '16.) This is a humorous story from Fayetteville, North Carolina involving a real piece of work named Miss Quancidine Gribble (yes, not a white person, but I shouldn't even be writing this per the AP style guide - you're supposed to know - how freakin' hard is it to figure out?)

Miss Quancidine Gribble, obviously traumatized by early childhood by a set of parents who were too proud to take part in any normal child's naming convention, is involved in a slight dispute over the water bills.
Quancidine Gribble, 56, of the 6100 block of Louise Street, was arrested on misdemeanor charges by the Fayetteville Police Department on June 8 and again Tuesday. She was charged with larceny in June and with reconnecting disconnected utilities in the second incident, according to arrest documents.
Hey, who amongst us, besides those on well water, has NOT thought of routing around the meter when in a stand-off with the city? We all have, right? This writer had gone through contingency plans while in a dispute years back over a leak in the yard (yeah, I'm responsible for the water, but it's not going down the sanitary sewer). They say you can't fight city hall, but I did and won.
The first warrant was filed June 1. An Aqua employee told a magistrate that he and another employee turned off the water and removed the meter at Gribble’s house because she had not paid her water bills, arrest documents said. The second warrant was filed July 26 when an Aqua employee told a magistrate Gribble had reconnected a water line that the company had disconnected.

“Once we removed the meter, Quancidine came out of her home screaming, telling us to put the meter back,” the first arrest documents said. She’s accused of taking the meter and an encoder receiver transmitter, which is used for automatic meter readings, out of the Aqua truck and into her home.

The equipment has a value of about $500.
OK, but even had I carried out some method of regaining my money from the city, I don't think I'd have had the gall to run for mayor right away! I believe this lady is running in order to fire people in the water department. Oh, but wait, let's hold on; there are two sides to every story:
Responding by email Wednesday night, Gribble said she is not guilty of either of the crimes. She said Aqua North Carolina provided incorrect information to the magistrates.

“I was charged with one misdemeanor yesterday and that was done as intent to destroy my character due to me standing up to Aqua North Carolina,” Gribble said. “These are the very reasons why I am running for mayor for the city of Fayetteville. The good ol’ boy network has to be stopped.
[my bold] Haha, I doubt the city of Fayetteville, NC has the "good old boy" network - a network of incompetent worthless affirmative action hires is the more likely scenario.
Her bail was set at $500 for each charge and she is currently out on bail. A full-time student pursuing a doctorate of philosophy, a community activist and a charity leader, Gribble is running for mayor of Fayetteville for the first time.
Man, somehow these Doctorates in Philosophy don't seem to mean as much as when you only saw them in the hands of Plato, Aristotle, and William F. Buckley. Well, I guess if this broad has the gall to show her ugly face in another election, I guess we are all good to go.

I need to may as well put in the last bit of the article that I haven't yet:
This is not the first time Gribble has been accused of criminal activity.

In 2004, she was convicted of misdemeanor larceny in Cumberland County. In 1999, she was sentenced to six months in the DeSoto County, Mississippi, jail after she was convicted of simple assault for hitting her husband’s head, chest and arms with a statue.
See, this is the crux of the matter. Mrs. Quancidine Gribble is freed up to be a mayoral candidate for Fayetteville, NC due to the fact that Mr. Gribble, the husband, has absolutely NO STANDING in that prior case. You see, it's obvious to even the non-legal minds of Peak Stupidity that Mr. Gribble, blows to the head notwithstanding, has clearly run smack into the Statue of Limitations.

(Yes, I DID write this whole post on this imbecilic story just to get in the line about the statue. Did you see the "humor" topic key, or not?!)

Good night, readers.

Tuesday - August 8th 2017 5:00PM MST
Interesting... I am reading it now.
Tuesday - August 8th 2017 7:27AM MST
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