What's wrong with acting like a Cowboy?

Posted On: Friday - August 4th 2017 8:57PM MST
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It started with the Europeans back in the 1980's. In reference to Ronald Reagan, whom it seemed most of them hated, we heard "he's gonna be a cowboy!" and "We can't have some kind of cowboy in the White House" and so forth. "Hey", Americans thought, "what's wrong with cowboys?" How was that an insult? (There were plenty of other insults.)

It says a lot about one difference between the mindset of Europeans vs. Americans, at least back in the day, that there was a fundamental disagreement on whether being "a cowboy" was a bad thing or a good thing. The difference between respecting the sophisticated man vs. the honest man was discussed here 1/2 year back.

However, what's good for the Europeans is what's good for America, we are told by our elites and people at NPR. Americans start to believe that crap after a while, and that's why this term "cowboy" has now become an insult to one's professionalism. I don't like it at all, and I think real cowboys - there are still some (had to drive (slowwwwly) through a cattle herd on US highway 12 in Montana not too long ago) - would be pretty damn pissed at not take too kindly to this slur on their profession. (Another post coming will be about use of "engineer" in verbal form as a slur). However, I can't seem to get away from this now.

"Don't cowboy it", you hear on the job, meaning take more time, don't hurry, do more thinking. Hey, you don't think the old-time cowboys had to do some thinking and planning to drive the 10,000 head all the way from south Texas to freakin' Cheyenne, Wyoming, or Abilene, Kansas? People who use this term are too stupid to have any knowledge of who cowboys were and are. Additionally, they have no respect for American values, for instance, good on-the-fly decision making skills and actions over words, both of which are important but derided in this feminized age.

Next time I hear "don't be a cowboy", I'll have to retort with "hey, them's fightin' words, pardner!"

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