The Seas will Rise ... Insects will Spread!

Posted On: Thursday - August 3rd 2017 9:56PM MST
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We promised more Tucker Carlson, so here goes.

"People are gonna die.
Habitat will be destroyed.
Seas will rise.
Insects will spread."

Isaiah 25:09... oops ... no, California Governor "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown.
Hey, Jerry... Jerry, calm down... Jerry ... listen, people already die. More habitat will be destroyed if people DON'T die. Beachfront property is very good for property tax receipts, you government people like to take money, don't you? Oh, yeah, the insects... well, you Californians have had it too good without the skeeters, fleas, and gnats for too long. Join the party, Pal!

Look at 'em - they are just religious fanatics! Try going over some details of the mathematical modeling of such a complex system as the entire world climate with any of these types. Reason will not work. Hard slaps in the face may be more appropriate. If you have any way to watch the movie Serial, with Martin Mull, when you get to the hippie cult scene, you may be reminded of what probably needs to be done to these people. That movie is a classic about latter-hippy-days California (spoiler alert: funny as hell!), and it is almost heartbreaking to watch when you realize what they've done to the place in the 35 years since that movie was filmed.

Just the 1st minute of the Peak Stupidity excerpted section has the really good stuff. After that there is talk about the hypocrisy of the big proponents of Global Climate DisruptionTM It's great seeing Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson together. I'd love to hang out with the two of them. If you see me on the other side of an interview with them, you know something has gone horribly, horribly wrong and Peak Stupidity has gone native.

Previous Tucker Carlson here, here, here, and here. Time for a topic key label for him soon.

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