Speaking Dead of the Ill - re Juan McAmnesty

Posted On: Wednesday - August 2nd 2017 7:17PM MST
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Never built "the damn fence"

It sounds reads like Senator McCain of Arizona, who has been a traitor to his countrymen in probably more ways than one (on the immigration invasion) is not long for this world due to brain cancer. I'm not sad at all - this is not speaking ill of the dead, but kinda the opposite.

I was commenting on a different website about the death of Ted Kennedy way back in 2009. I got in a long back and forth discussion with a lady who was scolding me for saying I was glad he had finally died (and a few things ruder than that, of course). It came down to one thing, I finally summed up to her – really simple – Ted Kennedy was still in the US Senate when he died. He also had been, and still was, very bad for our country.

Had he been retired at the time, well dying is a sad thing, and it would have been something to just remark on – I may have still spoken ill of the dead, because his whole life was kind of something to make one ill. I would not have written “I’m glad he died .”, though. However he was a US Senator till the end, and if his dying was the only way we could have Ted Kennedy gone from the Senate, then, hell yeah I was glad he died! That's what it came down to.

I would say the very same about Juan McCain. The damage to America that this sick so-called “maverick” caused most likely can’t be reversed.

The Unz Review website posted an article by one Brian Stewart of National Review in praise of this asshole for comment by unz readers, and not one in 110 comments so far agreed with the writer.

As to the exact diagnosis of this execrable senator, Peak Stupidity has no doctors on staff, nor do any of us play doctors on TV (only off-screen), but possibly it may go down like the following:
“Yes, this is Juan McAmnesty, what’s the news, Doc?”

“Well, Mr. McAmnesty, I’ve got some BAD news, and then some …
… REALLY BAD news, sir.”

“Oh, yeah, just give me the BAD news first.”

“Sir, our diagnosis is that you only have 2 months to live.”

“OMG, what could possibly be the REALLY BAD news, then?”

“Sir, you’ve had the phone lines down due to all the irate Americans calling ….
I’ve been trying to reach you for 2 months.”
On this guy's "maverickity", as per some unwritten/unsaid deal with the Lyin' Press about a decade ago: The term maverick first of all was helpful in leading readers and viewers of the LP to think about McCain’s “war hero” status. He was like “Top Gun” (it was 20 years after the movie, but some things stick in our minds). “Watch my 6, Goose, I’m coming hard left, and I’m gonna do a coupla snap rolls to lose this guy.” “Wow,you’re my hero, Maverick, let’s buzz the tower of the Forestall now.”

Secondly, the unwritten/said deal between McCain and the LP is that, as he was the maverick, he would not go along with the usual Republican agenda. You’d think the writer, Brian Stewart, in National Review would have some memory or had at least read a little bit of recent US political history to know this – I didn’t think NR took too kindly to mavericks on conservatism or at least on the Red Wing of the party. The Lyin Press could talk up this great maverick of the GOP who would trash any conservative plans (“the damn fence”), and McCain would have more of the spotlight than any other GOP senator.

That was their deal back starting in '05 or so. Who will miss this man?

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