Software unchanged, posting resuming, and part 2 on periods, of all things.

Posted On: Tuesday - August 1st 2017 1:10PM MST
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OK, the site updating was to be done in my "sandbox", as the computer types tend to call it, with everything necessary to duplicate and test on one machine. That being said, said sandbox came on the long trip with us, as was the plan, but family obligations and just tiredness from time-zone change prevented any serious work. It'll come. It is time to resume posting though, as the stupidity waits for no man.

Now, the reason why the first post upon posting resumption happens to be about women's periods, called in un-mixed company, menstruation, may or may not be just randomness, but stuff needs to be said. In the post "Feminism 102 - Mother Nature expresses herself monthly", Peak Stupidity introduced a new (and exciting?) theory on why this natural process is combined with a negative emotional state on behalf of the processee (the woman, I mean). (Any peer review would be appreciated, BTW, even by menstruation-deniers - all discussion welcome.). Now, it has come to our my attention very recently that, for men involved with women who undergo this process, this certain time of the month should a) be more positively annunciated b) be a time for which contingency plans should be put in action that involve short-term separation.

Item (a) seem to be almost a no-brainer given the amazingly advances state of today's sensor and digital electronics technology. Could we not get a half-day's or even just 2 hours' notice of impending periodage? Is there no app for this? I could see a flow-sensor placed in the appropriate location, with blue-tooth communication (of course) to android OS and an app (we used to just call it a program) to filter out the noise and give the user's significant other notice via text-alert (possibly involving the same alerting mode used now for warnings of flash flooding and tornadoes!). Again, this is a no-brainer, but it may not have been made simply due to the fact that the smart geeks with the wherewithall to implement this have no girlfriends, hence, are not aware of this problem begging for a solution.

Item (b) does not need a technological fix. It is something that many religious texts have discussed over the millenia. Proverb 25:24 of the Old Testament, for example says "It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman and in a wide house.". [King James Version]. Now, this must be taken in light of the times in which it was written. What I mean is, the roofs were flat back then. All the proverbs in the world aren't going to help you when you roll off a 50% slope and fall 10 ft to your death. Anyway, details, details ... modern interpretation could easily have us read "woman on the rag" for "brawling woman" and "man-cave" for "corner of a house top". That is the point, we men need plans for these 2-5 day periods to be completely away, but it must be constructive time for us too - we could be working on updates to blog software just as a random example.

Why this post has the feminism topic key associated with it is because, just like all the other stupidity we live with everyday, this problem is another that people want to deny Mother Nature's role in. It is something that shouldn't be denied and this is why almost all religions have had warnings about for millenia. Seriously here, for a bit, it's the young people who should heed this the most. Many a young man, who has never had it explained to him, may have one hell of a time with the thoughts of "this relationship is in bad shape" and "I guess I'm not the good guy I thought I was", on a monthly basis. It takes toughness to realize that almost anything said in anger by the woman in this period should be taken as meaningless garbage. Some don't have the ablitily to keep brain-switching like this. It'd be best to just be gone, and come back later, which should be the impetus for our proposed app (already a name came to mind "rag-time") and some type of uber-like "Sharing Economy" deal to get us all space on the (literally, right?!) Proverbial Roof Tops.

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