Short Peak Stupidity Hiatus for Possible Software Upgrade

Posted On: Wednesday - July 19th 2017 4:57PM MST
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I don't mean possibly we will work on the software - we will, but I mean possibly it'll be an upgrade ;-} Yes, the site is plain and homely, but that doesn't bother me nor hopefully the readers. However, the main bug of ending up in white space at the bottom of pages is not as simple as an anchor tag thing (would have been done long ago, in that case). It's something to be messed with using more knowledge of php, and that bug is TOP PRIORITY. However, once past that, it'll be time to add some features to make it easier to navigate to posts, and hopefully do some type of searches.

The reason for the hiatus - about 1 week - is not because the site will be down or (additionally) buggy. It won't. It's just that I want to spend the time on the software. I'll miss doing posts for a week, but this has got to be done. Again, the site will work same as now, but with nothing new to read. When the software is improved and tested, it'll go live, and hopefully no bugs will appear, but I'll post at that time.

Well, all stupidity aside for a week, everyone WangChung tonight!:

BTW, if you are one of those animated-.gif-induced epileptics, as I've heard about, you may want to skip this one - it's flashy and jumpy enough to induce a seizure in a comatose tax accountant.

Mid 1980's music from the band Wang Chung - the song is called "Everybody have Fun Tonight".

Thursday - July 20th 2017 6:27AM MST
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