Staring Straight into the Eyes of Deepest Darkest Stupidity

Posted On: Monday - July 17th 2017 10:55AM MST
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... is a man named Tucker Carlson. He comes on regularly on youtube - well as far as Peak Stupidity is concerned, yes. I realize the clips are from Fox TV, where he has taken over from Bill O'Reilly, but I don't watch TV, so youtube is the channel I guess (or, really millions of channels - pretty nice deal, so far...). About this man, he does seem to really put up a good fight against the hard-core stupidity spewed by the people that he invites to his show.

Now, one could take the really cynical attitude, Zerohedge-commentator-style, that, oh, this guy is controlled opposition, he doesn't care, whatever. I'm sure Mr. Carlson has gotten himself more into the habit of taking on the "creme de la stupide", as the entertainment value pushes the ratings sky high (southern rock), or sky high (old pop tune). That'd be natural in that business. Maybe Tucker Carlson has common sense and is indeed outraged by the ridiculousness of it all (my opinion), but even if not, that doesn't really matter. It is nice to see some push-back on the stupid, even if it's only on the egregious

I think of Fox news as still a part of the Lyin' Press, though they just leave out 1/2 the lies or so. I do wonder if the Peak Stupidity theory that the LP won't even care after a while about ratings as they will be propped up by the Feral Gov. one way or another will come to pass. Fox obviously still cares about ratings right now. That brings up the fact that many may just watch this guy as clips on youtube. That means the ads aren't seen by us, much less listened to (a whole 'nother story). I am sure they can look at youtube stats to know how popular this stuff is, but how does that get them money? I'm never going to be watching the ads. OK, not my problem.

With this entertainment, we could have a post nightly, I guess, but then, hell, our readers could just ditch us for youtube - please, please don't. They have (way!) more comments there too, sometime hilarious ones. So, maybe once a week will be good, and here is this weeks Tucker Carlson clip:

(Mr. Carlson interviews the mayor of Miami, Florida, who is worried about his city sinking below the waves - doesn't bother us a bit. Elevation, bitchez!)

It's just too much - watch, as I couldn't explain the stupidity of this man with words alone. Tucker tries to ask the simple question of why these cntrl-left GCDTM-adherents are mad about the US not getting involved in a non-binding treaty that exempts China and India. Really, if this mayor wasn't just spouting off the same 10 sentences of doom that are in his head, like some kind of 10-track tape, he could have a conversation with Tucker. The cntrl-left, if they really cared about the GCD TM BS, and had read ANYTHING about the Paris proposed agreement, should be against it. This is an occasion to call President Trump names, in addition to spouting off crazy stuff that I must show later (I hope you haven't seen it - look forward to Gov. Moonbeam of California. I have been watching for over an hour - better than "Seinfeld" or even "The Office" in entertainment value. I'll display it in small doses for your enjoyment.)

If the falsely-accused-antiChrist named Øb☭ma, had pulled out of this treaty, the cntrl-left would be touting how wise that was, due to exactly what Tucker Carlson was asking this idiot mayor.

Speaking of the mayor of Miami one more time, watch at 09:20 for a minute, as Mr. Carlson tries to get an answer for the 3rd or 4th time. The mayor starts in his playback about "everyone's in it to make the globe* a better place", and when Tucker asks him if he thinks there is "a single person watching this show stupid enough to be convinced by what you're saying", he's all "Absolutely..." Haha, then back to the tape or mp3. The mayor of Miami may not even be a human, but if he is a robot or android, the taxpayers of Miami should get a return label and UPS his stupid ass back to Shenzhen for a replacement. Somebody must not have been wearing his static wick at the plant. DO NOT LET THE HUMAN SPEAK! STICK WITH THE WAVE FILES AND THIS WILL WORK OUT FINE!

BTW, besides the first link of the post, Tucker Carlson clips have been featured and commented on before here, here, and here.

* Hey, we all want to make our globes a better place. I just wish our globe at home had a light inside it. I like those kinds of globes. Also, ours doesn't have bumps for the Rockies, Himalayas, Alps, and the Andes - cheap Wal-Mart crap!

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