Modern Art destroyed by Camera-crazy hot Orientals

Posted On: Friday - July 14th 2017 7:16PM MST
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So sorry, no big .jpg here, though I wish. I know a reader would expect that from the title, but not my fault.

Anyway, a friend pointed out this 30 s video footage of a couple of Oriental (or it sure likes like it) ladies in a Los Angeles museum who accidentally knocked over a series of art pieces while trying to get a photo. There's plenty of humor to go around, like, funny-cause-it's-true stuff:

A) As pointed out in the 6th paragraph of this post about picture taking at the beach and every damn where, the Orientals, especially the young ladies. are nuts with the picture taking, another oddly-true stereotype. It is not so much picture-taking of tourist sights, but picture-taking of sights with the (usually, nowadays) Chinese tourist girl in front of tourist sights with the double peace signs. I can't see that well in this video, though well enough to see that the one in the black dress is a real hottie (hence our title), but well enough to figure that the light-dressed one wanted her picture taken with the art work. This is even funnier because of ...

B) The art work, per comments on youtube, the words of authority, is modern or post-modern art. These are not some beautiful hand-made Chinese vases from the early years of the Poontang Dynasty. No, these are just some modern pieces of crap that people are too status-conscious to admit are indeed pieces of crap. My friend said that as they get broken in the video, the artist is probably going "Yesssss!". as he may not have gotten a sale today without the invocation of the YOU-BREAK-IT-YOU-BUY-IT law, also known as the Little Tommy's-Temper-Tantrum Act - HB 2201 of the 91st Legislative Session (wrongly upheld by the Warren Supreme Court).

C) These pedestals holding the "ART" fall over like dominoes. It's hard to get even real dominoes to do this - a very frustrating game, I must add.

D) The girl in black is hot enough to probably deflect any fines or charges, as the museum curator will probably hit on her before he takes any legal action.

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[Updated 7/20/18:
Video was gone - put up another, but I don't know what the entire 8 minutes are about. Reader beware.

Sunday - July 16th 2017 9:32AM MST
AAA? Yeah, funny unless you're the curator. Who knows, maybe they will just superglue all of this "art" back together overnight, and show it again the next morning. Who's gonna complain, right?

"Sir, the cracks that you see are part of the artwork, sniff [nose in the air]. If you don't know anything about this guy's work, there is a Chuck E. Cheese down the road!"

"And don't take any pictures there either - Mr. Cheese doesn't take too kindly to that, he's kind of a recluse."
Joe Stalin
Sunday - July 16th 2017 7:29AM MST
Funny as hell: "Active Art Activity!"
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