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Posted On: Thursday - July 13th 2017 4:57PM MST
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It's all about eyeballs, the way the internet media people put it. There is a Lyin' Press, f.k.a "Mainstream Media", section of the internet too, not even counting the websites for the TV stations and newspapers. The great thing is, that one can avoid this just as easily as one can with the newspapers (talk the salesman back off off the porch) and the TV (cut the cable and talk the salesman back off the porch).

You've gotta sign out of the email account, and usually I close the window/tab, or put in a new URL so quickly that I don't read anything on the Yahoo front page, but this flashed at me - time for print-screen and some commentary - hell no, I'm not gonna read their narrative for guidance in my thinking!

I saw through to the narrative right away without clicking anything but PrtSc, then |X| for close tab. They want me to be all broken up about this Iranian doctor who had to be sent home due to the Moslem visa control, a damn good general policy but not nearly far enough to do a whole lot of good. It's a start. It makes me think Trump may be on the side of Americans, but it's no sure thing (Also see here, here, and here).

Yahoo wants me to be against this policy, and they have probably more than this one sob story to prove it - I'm not sticking around for the rest. This doctor probably is a decent guy and an OK doctor, we don't know for sure, but:

A) There are lots of doctors around already; we don't need to import any.

B) This guy probably didn't have his paperwork straight. Do you think US Customs/Immigration is going to treat an American or any other Doc. very nicely if he doesn't have his paperwork right for entry? Nope, they are a surly bunch - it's the one area of the government where I don't even mind that too much.

C) Hard cases make bad law. I read that off some lawyer and didn't even get charged 0.5 hours. This means the extreme cases are not the ones that should be used to evaluate the legality of a law.

So, forgive me if I'm not "all broken up about that man's rights", mainly cause he's not an American:

No tears are coming out of this blogger, Yahoo narrative-writers. You'll be lucky if I get sucked into reading 2 more headlines the rest of the fiscal year, Lyin' Presstitutes.

Oh, but lookey there - Meryl Streep has got a new purse!

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