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Posted On: Monday - December 12th 2016 8:21AM MST
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It's the top link on the Blogroll, but damn these people (whoever administers the site, IT-wise)! As I mentioned in the review, they've got it loaded up with pop-ups, slowed down to a crawl even on a fast computer, and it will crash the browsers after a period of time with out-of-control scripts.

The reason it's frustrating is that it's such a great site otherwise, mostly due to the commenters. I was trying to read a long comment from a guy name "Skateboarder", who's been on a while, about the situation in India, what with their government changing the currency on them (really, they are trying a large-scale experiment with the globalist-loved cashless-economy thing.) Then zerohedge crashed the browser, which is why I decided to blog this morning, after a hiatus on Sunday.

Here is the article. What is great about these guys (the commenters) is many of them have a lot of real-life experiences, business or otherwise, that come through in their comments. This particular guy, "Skateboarder" described life in India right now, as he has been there during this money fiasco. His comment, the length of a full-out article, is somewhat in contradiction with "the Tylers" accounts. I'd believe an experienced commenter over the website authors' exaggerations any time.

Wednesday - December 14th 2016 8:52PM MST
The name's not Ding Dong, but the problem I've got is on other computers. I can't go loading software on each computer I want to use for three reasons.

1) The computer didn't belong to me, so it'd probably not be appreciated.
2) For just a few minutes to read zerohedge, it wouldn't be worth it - keep in mind that there are a whole bunch of computers there in one room, and I wouldn't necessarily be on this one again.
3) These computers, and also, most of the ones you'll find at hotels, are locked up pretty tight, so I couldn't load it on there if I tried.
lizard lover
Wednesday - December 14th 2016 10:57AM MST
Hey Ding Dong,

you might want to try Add Block Plus. It will speed up your browsing not just on zerohedge.

You're welcome!
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