Good song out of nowhere. - Magic Bullets

Posted On: Monday - July 10th 2017 7:16PM MST
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I would have never heard or heard of this song had I not been setting preselects on a car radio, since I had to take off the battery cables. I liked the guitar riffs right away, kind of like an REM song, but with an even brighter sound (undistorted). The band is called Magic Bullets and this song is What took you so Long?

The song is so obscure that all I could get off the web is that this is from '11-'12, and the band is from San Francisco.

We don't have Kasey Kasem to tell us what music is up the charts anymore. On the other hand we can find anything that anyone in the world has been playing now, but finding the good stuff is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You can always go see the live music locally and find something good. "I think, 'Live music is better.' bumper stickers should be issued!" says Neil Young*.

* Speaking of obscure stuff, that is from Neil's "Union Man" off of the Hawks and Doves album that featured Coming Apart at every Nail.

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