Apprehending Jason Bourne (Part 3) - All-powerful Feral Gov't - NOT!

Posted On: Wednesday - July 5th 2017 9:35AM MST
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It's been a month and a half since I wrote this post and continuation post to compare the Gov't Media's (LP's), aka, Hollywood/TV portrayal of the efficient, omniscient, all-powerful US Feral government to the real thing, as a morning spent at the Social Security office will illustrate. This is the 3rd part, just written today due to a Peak Stupidity writer's experience with a government-mandated training office recently, and some of these people are supposed to be involved in "security". Yes, there were multiple cameras on everyone involved for "our personal safety"?, per the signs?

This was something that had to be done per the job description, so at least this time at this office was paid for. It's just that from the fairly high level of stupidity of the personnel at the office, I don't think they would have any clue how to deal with, much less capture the following gentleman:

"I swear to God, if I even feel somebody behind me, there is no measure to how fast and how hard I will bring this fight to your doorstep. I'm on my own side now."

What happens if a guy like this gets sick of the US Feral government and has had enough? It may not be that he was in a clandestine CIA experiment or anything like that. Maybe he just lost his house due to tax assessments, got screwed over in divorce court (as, for men, seems to be the point of it), and got forced out of his regular full-time/exempt-employee assassin job due to affirmative action? The Los Angeles police had much of the force out looking for many days four years back in the search for just one ex-cop (link is to a long full-story from LA Times). He was no Jason Bourne, and who knows how many 10's of thousands of man-hours were spent in finding the guy holed up in the next county (San Bernadino)?

Just imagine it was a few white guys working together who had the ability to make plans and shoot better than some ex-cop. The kind of people I ran into today may be good enough to do their day-in-day-out bureaucratic procedures, but thinking very much is out of the question. In fact, the way you get shuffled around to the right line, watch intently for your number to get called and go up to the proper counter obsequiously for your "processing", it is very good training for those Americans headed for prison, is about all. With the types of employees seen, I imagine that a big portion of resources of the current Feral Government may be required just to bring THIS GUY to justice:

"This aggression will not stand, man."

Keep trying that propaganda, Lyin' Press and Hollywood. People with their eyes open can see how things really work. The globalist elites want to get this US Police State up and running before a large enough chunk of the American populace gets too wise to it. When things get real, I don't think it will look like "The Bourne Indentity". It'll take quite the manpower just to take care of slightly temperamental Walter Sobchak here:

"You mark that frame an 8 and you're entering a world of pain..

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