3 minor doses of stoopiditee. It all adds up, though.

Posted On: Monday - July 3rd 2017 3:53PM MST
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It's just part of being a curmudgeon, I suppose, but the day-to-day stupidity seems to add up sometimes to cause a decent amount of annoyance. I noticed one thing in each of three errands that needed to be done today.

The biggest by far was the noticing of the temporary closing of a branch of the library. The annoyance is not that it's closed for renovation for an unspecified amount of time, but it's the fact that the outside of the building is no more than 25 years old (looks in great shape), and the inside of the place is very nice. I talked for a minute with a lady who also went to this library and saw the closed sign. I first mentioned the library bond issue that I voted against 2 years back due to all the libraries being fairly new with plenty of employees in there. It passed. The lady and I agreed that this branch was closed purely so they could get some of that bond money spent. That's, of course, how governments work. It's pretty natural that people don't spend money as it were their own. This is how cities, counties, and states, go broke, one stupid thing at a time, or, I should write, one stupid thing specified by the voters, at a time.

At the big box electronics store, I got some good help and 3 items, just what I needed, in 10 minutes or less. That was nice. Now, I just needed to pay and get the hell out of there, before I spent more money. It wasn't so easy, though there were 2 check-out counters open and only one person per line. As I straddled the middle to get to whichever opened first, things started to drag on, on both sides. The guy on the right was getting his address changed for his special discount card, and it was a transaction, let me tell you. The lady on the left side was signing up for some other thing, and neither was leaving the store. Each of the registers computers can do more than a PDP-11 from the 1980's, but man, I thought the line was for paying for your shit! Remember Cash is King!

Not all things I was looking for were at the big box store, and more power to the little guys. However, this was really just a big business chain of small shoppes anyway. Yeah, shoppes. It's not just Joe's Vitamin Shop. It's The Vitamin Shoppe, and you're gonna need the vitamins if you normally eat at, not Joe's Bar and Grill, but Ye Olde Barre and Grille What the extended Olde English spelling does for the business is makes it sound high end, good enough for the ladies that compete for yard-of-the-month to shop at. What these extra letters mean for the customer is higher prices, linear with the lettering. I.E. the grille will charge 20% more than the grill, as it has 6 versus 5 letters, and the shoppe can charge 50% more than the shop, as it has 6 instead of 4.

Well,this all is enough stupidity to cause me to imbibe one extra draught beere.

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