Freedom is beyond imagination to many Americans now

Posted On: Thursday - June 29th 2017 5:00PM MST
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As a follow-up to the prevous post on the hard shift to the left (Big Gov't socialism) on the issue of health care, I looked at the comments under the Ron Paul post mentioned. There is a particular commenter that I had had a long discussion with previously, no more than a week back. In our "discussion" (to put it in a good light) I brought up every real world example I could to try to convince this guy that the system of health care in this country has been interfered with by the US Government for over 5 decades, and that's the basic problem. I may put the series of comments up here another time, but it's a lot of writing to try to get the muck out of this guy's head.

It's a shame that the comments under Doctor Paul's post include some from the same guy, and he hasn't learned a damn thing! I guess I can't say I completely wasted my time, as anytime one comments, there are possibly many readers who may get your point, even if the recipient has learned nothing. This particular discussion was just pretty frustrating, and goes along with what I wrote in my previous post: "I just don't think there is a large percentage of Americans who would even understand Mr. Paul's, or Miss Coulter's writing on this. The limited amount of people who have memories of what a free market in health care and actual insurance is like is dwindling.". That's what it's come down to, and not just in this particular area of public (and private) debate. There are people today in America who have not seen examples of any freedom in many areas of life. They just can't imagine every different.

I happened upon a 1 1/2 hour long video called "American Standoff" about the patriot activity out in eastern Oregon 1 1/2 years back (the Bundy deal) from a link from a Zerohedge commenter (of course!). Though not at all on this same issue, it was just about another area of encroachment of Federal power into Americans' affairs. As I posted way back, regarding the Waco, Texas massacre even the terminology of freedom is scary to many Americans, egged on by the Lyin' Press. "These guys are SURVIVALISTS! OMG!". Yes, they want to be left alone, what a freakin' concept?!

The song included below is by John Lennon, but it is not the one most appropriate to this post. That would be "Imagine, of course. Can you even imagine freedom? The commenter, and a hundred million like him, in America cannot even imaging people doing business together without intervention from Big Gov.; just "Here's what I can do for you - here's what it costs?". "OK, deal.". This is beyond people's imaginations!

Now, silly John Lennon, though I'll give him a pass in that he was still a foolish young man then, wanted people to imagine Communism. We didn't have to imagine it, once we learned what people went through and how many 100's of millions of lives were lost, and more ruined. It is right there in the books and people's memories. We need another song like this, urging people to "Imagine Freedom. "It's easy if you try. No Governments behind us, above us only sky ...."

Well, John Lennon's "Imagine" won't be played here, as a) it's been overplayed, b) the lyrics suck (though the tune is fine, so that's not the real reason, and. c) this other one is less popular but a much brighter song, in spirit and guitar sound:

"Nobody told me there'd be days like these. Strange days indeed. Most peculiar, Mama .... roll! .... " ... with the guitar triplets)

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