Overton Window slammed to the left on healthcare

Posted On: Tuesday - June 27th 2017 6:50PM MST
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Though the recently-figuratively-lobotomized Glenn Beck brought this up to the public (before his foray into deep stupidity), Peak Stupidity has posted on the "Overton Window" concept previously, and will do so again in this post. One can think of the public political debate as having a window for each issue within which it is acceptable to discuss the topic, while outside of it is "radical".

That is the concept, and it seems to have been slammed very far toward the socialist stops (being US Feral Government control of the health of all American, also known as "single-payer", a bit wonky to provide the realization of what it is - that is a feature of the term.). Peak Stupidity posted 2 months back the following Conservatives" punting on health care? (That's the left's evil plan in action). That post discussed specifically the otherwise very-conservative alt-right's dismissal of healthcare as an important issue. To excerpt just a paragraph:
I understand the point that the fix to this healthcare mess is not as urgent as other things President Trump was voted in to accomplish, the primary of which is the southern border and US sovereignty. I agree, first things first. Also, there is no doubt that fixing the mess caused by 60-odd years of Feral Governement interference in the health care market cannot occur easily, i.e., with a lot of financial pain and unfairness in the interim. However, to just throw up ones hands, saying, let's give up on this - seems like we'll just be like England and Canada with the government in control is entirely un-American.
Now, we just happen to be pretty timely in this post, as there is big debate in so many place on how to get rid of the Obamacare gov't planned fiasco. Here's a guy who as a Libertarian's LIbertarian, and a Doctor ought to have his word in, Mr. Ron Paul (article on unz.com). This is a good honest article, as always by Mr. Paul, but here's on quick summary paragraph:
Congress should be working to repeal all federal interference in healthcare, including by shutting down the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA raises the cost of medicine, denies Americans access to effective treatments, and prevents individuals from learning about cost-effective ways to improve their health.

Now, I don't want to repeat our 2-month-ago article here, so just suffice it to say that Peak Stupidity is probably in between Ron Paul and Ann Coulter on personal and theoretical knowledge of the current dismal gov't-munged state of the huge health-care industry in America. This is not to disrespect Ann Coulter, however, as we concur completely with these 2 liberty-minded posts on this issue as of late (This one discussed by PS here, and this one, discussed by PS here.

OK, the Overton Window take on this is that these cntrl-left socialists that have been pushing this back to the days of the non-cookie-baking 1st-lady version of the Hildabeast have drastically moved the window on this issue that affects so many Americans. Again, we don't believe in clever long-term conspiracies very much, especially keeping in mind the somewhat-limited brainpower of the socialist crowd. This is just another issue that has been pushed and pushed into Feral Gov't control relentlessly since the days of doctors giving house calls. It is not even just "acceptable debate" on which the window has moved far toward the left; it seems that American thinking can't stretch even close to the idea of a free market anymore. I just don't think there is a large percentage of Americans who would even understand Mr. Paul's, or Miss Coulter's writing on this. The limited amount of people who have memories of what a free market in health care and actual insurance is like is dwindling.

"Visiting the Doctor?
Sigh, it's ALWAYS been like this - I don't see how there'd be any other way."

Lastly, as mentioned in the previous PS post on this, it is a build in bug, well, feature, of all the Obamacare 2,000 page regulatory nightmare, that things are so fucked up, as we're trying to cover these people with this program, these others with this other one, etc. to where a simple change to a free market with the US Gov't out of it can not be easily done. Letting the whole system crash (the whole financial system) is probably the only way to accomplish this, with a hard reboot - involving much financial pain - and a complete restart. This is going to happen regardless of health care issues, as Peak Stupidity has long predicted, with the side effect of a huge decline in stupidity in all walks of life.

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