UK Police Chief dick calls for VAN! CONTROL! NOW!

Posted On: Thursday - June 22nd 2017 6:27PM MST
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OK, yes, this is the UK, but Peak Stupidity doesn't need a separate topic key for "UK Police State", as a lot of what happens over there in Oceana becomes a bug up some police state tyrant's rectum here in the Colonies later on.

And no, the UK Police Chief is not, and does not even have, a dick, as it is a she, Miss Cressida Dick. Yes, SERIOUSLY! This is not fake news here; why do you people doubt me?

This has to do with terrorists running people down - they may use vans. The fact that they may also use a lot of other weapons is what makes this one up there on the steep trail to Peak Stupidity. Anyway, I guess we can pull out an old tried-and-true chant for any folks out to protest against the killer vans:

"What do we want?
Van Control!
When do we want it?
We want it NOW!, as soon as our yard guys and plumbers get done with the house!"

I can't believe Peak Stupidity would link to msn here, but I guess it's fitting:
Stricter rules on van hire may be needed in light of recent terrorist attacks, London’s police chief has said.

Rental companies have been told to be more aware of who is getting keys to large vehicles after hired vans were used twice by terrorists in the capital.

According to The Times, Metropolitan police commissioner Cressida Dick told the London Assembly: “Should [van hire] be regulated in any way? There’s a whole big review to be done. I don’t know. It might require some tweaking of legislation.”
OK, well here's more ...
Ms. Dick acknowledged that regulating van hire would be “very hard” but...
I just had to include this ... make of it what you will.

The formerly-U, formerly-K has gone way down the road of Orwellian stupidity already. The guns are only in the hands of authorities, criminals, and terrorists (often with some overlap) so people must fear for their lives, when it comes to it, with no recourse. It turns out that stabbings are done with knives, so they're under scrutiny. Now it's these damn evil vans!

Why don't we ever learn from history, per Hans Moleman, or something like that:

Listen, first they came for the Minivans, and I didn’t speak out, because I don’t have the hots for soccer Moms.

Then, they came for the Econolines, and I said nothing, as I can fit all my tools in the back of my ’80′s Camaro.

Then, they came for the VW Microbuses, and I was silent, as I have gotten sick of the smell of incense and patchoulie, and dirty stinkn' hippies.

Then, they came for the Conversion vans, and there was nobody down by the river to speak up for me.

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