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Posted On: Friday - June 16th 2017 12:44PM MST
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This post is just a follow-up to another post here on Peak Stupidity from a coupla weeks back entitled Childless European Leaders. I had digressed to writing about a nice interview with the pundit Mark Steyn, just mentioned in the previous post. If you've got 3 hours, it is really nice, first of all, to listen to a relaxed interview vs. a 3-minute talking-heads shout-off. The interview, in 2012, was on the CSPAN2 show called "Book TV" and the fact that you probably haven't heard of it explains how they can do 3 hour interviews. Hurray for youtube that it's on there! The interviewer is a guy named Peter Slen, who comes across so mellow and gives Mr. Steyn a chance to give complete answers to his questions.

Mark Steyn also gave answers to callers' questions. I can't remember how many callers, as I watched this whole thing more than 1/2 year ago, but in my post on the childless Euro leaders, I wrote about how I would have answered the caller.

Can I excerpt my own blog here? [Sure, saves me fixing typos for a while! - Ed.]
Were I Mark Steyn, here would be my reply: "You've got compassion lady, but how do you know WE don't. We just think a little into the future, as men have to, to build a civilization. Our compassion may extend a bit further than yours, to a point when my and your kids are living in Mexico, even though they never moved residence. How could you explain to your grandchildren how much YOUR compassion caused the country to change from the damn good one you grew up in to Mexico del Norte? Also, lady, were you a family-oriented person, you would be putting YOUR family's welfare over those of the Mexicans, as that's what being a Mom means! Have some compassion without the side of stupidity."
Well, now that I think of it, I still like my answer, but it doesn't quite fit in with the tone of the show. I imagine Mr. Steyn could have done better, but you've got to get this "Compassionate" crap out into the light. Compassion can be pretty damn evil if there's no thought behind it.

Watch the whole interview, if you've got time:

Addendum: I haven't followed the story on the fire that burned up that apartment building full of Moslems in London, but Mark Steyn has a great article on it. This one will show you how good his writing is, and his opinions.

I think Mr. Steyn's site is kind of disjointed, and I don't visit it ofter, but he has his regular weekly (or more often) columns on there, mixed in with reviews of plays and show tunes or something that he really gets into.

UPDATE [6/17 morning:] Addendum on new Mark Steyn
article on London Fire.

Saturday - June 17th 2017 8:58PM MST
I read the short article,, Heidelberg. very good point about the Heisenberg-type interference, but even without that, Economics is not a science. There are no physical laws at all involved.
Saturday - June 17th 2017 9:36AM MST
Gotta go now, but I'll check it out later today.
Saturday - June 17th 2017 9:30AM MST
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