First Nations and the Spirits Communities

Posted On: Thursday - June 15th 2017 8:01PM MST
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Well, we've come a long way, baby, in terms of Political Correctness since 1993. With regards to the American Indians (see previous link for humor), there is new terminology out there that we all need to grasp, and use in our daily lives to "get with the program".

The term "Indian" could cause some confusion to some people who never heard of Christopher Columbus, I suppose and wonder about that moniker for the thousands of tribes that used to be spread out across what got built into America. I don't think it's that difficult, and we've got 2 modes of differentiation between them and the ones from the subcontinent of Asia:

a) "Feather" vs. "Dot"
b) "Casino" vs. "Tech Support"

Easy, peasy? Apparently not, as "Native American" was thought up 25 years back or so as a substitute term that we should all know and use. It's caused confusion already as many of me us have checked the "Native American" box on forms, since we were born here. That's got to screw up the stats or something. That may explain why our euphemism-creators at the PC Dept. of Euphemisms have come up with terminology to better our lives.

Let's digress for just a paragraph or two up to the Great White North. Believe it or not, they are more PC than we are in America. They're number 1! "O Canada!, Fuck yeah!" They even prosecute writers like Mark Steyn who "Fought the Law and the Law Won LOST". (Tune at bottom of post here) for telling WAY too much truth about the Moslems. You'd think if the Canadians were SERIOUS about suppressing the hate speech and all, they would do it right: No more hockey and Canadian Bacon jokes; no more "Family Ties" episodes in which Alex Keaton threatens to invade Canada; quit with the "get the puck out of here" comments and yeah, don't make fun of "eh" "abooot", and Joni Mitchell's habit of writing lyrics and forcing the tune to fit the lyrics. (Easy there, Peak Stupidity features lots of good Canadian music, like even this very morning, with Rush)

Here's a story: Back as far as 10 years ago, some Canadian terminology was available for my enlightenment, and I was a rube. On a trip to a fishing lodge way up there, I overheard one of the owners of the lodge speaking of the "First Nations" people staying at the lodge multiple times. They would be gone, and we would have a few days there afterwards. "Oh, your last group was a bunch of bankers?" I asked. Yes, does it not sound like a bank? Well, apparently not, as that is the Canadian term for Indians!

Back in America now, the newest term I was informed about < 1 week ago is the "Spirit Community". The Indians are really in touch with the Spirits, I guess. This term does not roll of the tongue easily, has too many syllables, but mainly I just think someone in that PC-Euphemism dept. made a typo. Unbelievable, I know, a mistake made by people in the government - we are not sending our best bureaucrats! I'm sure the term is supposed to be "Spirits Communities:. That extra "s" puts it in context - "Spirits" as in "Distilled Spirits". Now, I get it. Like I said, the Indians are really in touch with the Spirits. I am PC-current now, and ready to socialize in mixed company again.

Spirits Communities / First Nations
Let's stay PC and classy!

Another story: Yeah, we make lots of light of things at Peak Stupidity, but I do have some respect for people, and this is about a guy who respected his ancestors more than worrying about this PC crap. I was at a plant out in the West and saw a guy with a cap that had big letters FBI. What would he be doing there, and from his looks, he was no FBI guy. "You're not an FBI guy", I said. No, he smiled, "Full Blooded Indian". I liked that.

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