A ray of hope from the football fans

Posted On: Wednesday - June 14th 2017 6:49PM MST
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(Sure, but hey, the country's falling apart right now, perhaps later.)

A reader of this blog talked to me for a bit about the football forums that he reads and occasionally writes on. This is college ball, which is pretty big in most rural areas of the country. Most readers of this blog would know from other posts under the TV, aka Gov't Media topic key ( good examples of which are here and here), that I am not the biggest fan of the "boob tube". Not at all, in fact. Also, I'm not a sports follower at all anymore, so I could not relate much to my friend's talk on football.

I will write more about my opinion on the following of pro sports a bit probably tomorrow, but it was interesting what my reader had to say regarding some of the discussion on this particular football forum. I will say now, that, perhaps obviously, most serious college football fans, the ones that get on forums and take it seriously, would lean conservative and but not necessarily libertarian. They'd very likely be pro- US military adventurism, GO USA! GO TEAM!, etc. That is a great generalization, but just think of the people you know. I think they'd be very likely decent people, but exactly the type that think they don't need to pay attention to politics, even in this day and age.

Now, time to admit that this is another non-timely post, but again, we're just catching up, and it doesn't negate the point. At this particular juncture (love that word), President Trump had just decided to neocon out and order missiles fired at Syria (whoa, 2 months back, in fact). Would many college football fans peruse this map, for example, unless they were particularly involved in the US military, or care much about it? GO USA!

Well, we were discussing this event and disappointment in Trump's failure to keep his promise, and the reader related something about the forum. All types of forums do deviate far off the topic (In this case: What was the problem with the defense? Who's hurt for next game? Whatever.) sometimes. He had been reading a thread that related to the new warmongering in Syria, and surprisingly the football fans were mostly against it! To me that shows that things can slowly change in the mood of the population. It was really good to hear that. People who don't usually care have had enough of the bull. Some say that nothing will change in people's attitudes until a financial crash or big event and people are distressed and hungry. It'd be nice if change in attitudes would occur before it comes to that, and this football forum was a good sign to me.

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