Counter-protesters claim to be anti(anti)(Sharia). Do the Math.

Posted On: Monday - June 12th 2017 7:15AM MST
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Yes, no Calculus, Differential Equations or Number Theory is necessary here. It's just the arithmetical axiom that a negative x a negative = a positive. ZeroHedge informs us Clashes Erupt As Leftists Crash Nationwide "March Against Sharia". This story seemed kind of buried to me, but then I would not hear about it on TV, since it's in a state of OFF. However, something kinda weird on this is that, even though the link above works (as of 6/12/17), I could not find this article listed on ZeroHedge a few pages into the site at the time stated (Jan 10 9:22PM, no time zone). That's strange, as I've not run into that before on ZH.

Back to these clashes. I like that word. It's not quite a battle, but it's not a friendly debate either. Don't be alarmed, it's just A CLASH. I wish it were THE CLASH - saw them at a 3,000-seat auditorium in the early 1980's - great show!


It takes this much writing for me to get the thoughts together to get back to the point... There are people out there, say New York City, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and other places who actually came out to give a hard time to those who are having a pre-emptive protest against Sharia Law, the set of Islamic law, which is in great conflict with they type of stuff written up by James Madison, Thomas Jefferson et. al. So, you've got your Americans protesting against continued creeping Islamification (yeah, it always starts off small, but we know the people behind this don't ever let up.) Then, "counter-protesters" came out against these patriotic Americans peacefully promoting awareness about Sharia. Let's get this on the record. These "counter-protesters" are against people being against Sharia, so they are pro-Sharia then. No way around that, it's just math, bitchez!

These cntrl-left idiots have gotten pawned/owned, or whatever this is called now, in my opinion (I think "bitch-slapped" was the old expression way back in ought-5.) By making their demonstrations just about "Sharia", not Moslem infestation in general (which they are rightfully against), the patriotic Americans have pulled a good one. You've got your cntrl-left now on record as being pro-Sharia.

Wait... what? The whole cntrl-left is composed of a motley assortment of complete societal-fuck-ups, your feminists, liberal-arts-up-the-yingyang-in-debt man-bunned baristas, your gender-confused, generally, your huddled masses of stupidity, in an unholy alliance against the remaining legacy real Americans who are the last link to what was the freest nation to have seen the light of day in World history. Why would they want to be anywhere around under a Moslem-run system which would have them stoned dead before the first goat-humping Imam retired to his tent for the evening? Do they really not know that Sharia is the most conservative system around, to an extreme? There is no place for feminism, the 31 flavors of gender, and all that crap.

We in America had a nice happy medium here, back in the day, where the laws of nature were observed, yet the rule of law, based on natural law (such as self-defense), and not the rule of men, was also observed.

The cntrl-left extreme nutcases who actually come out on the streets to interrupt free speech and assembly (still expecting no pushback, for now) call themselves "antifa" for anti-fascist, but act just as fascist as the Nazis did on a bad day. However, if you go with their terminology that they are against a right-wing (conservative - in THEIR twisted terminology) then, let's see: anti-fascist & pro-Sharia ==> anti-hard-core-conservatism & pro-hard-core-conservatism. That's a contradiction that looks like the end of a mathematical proof. It IS the end of a proof, by contradiction, with the original statement having just been contradicted being: "These people are sane."

I never did like proofs, but that one was both easy. I still say, though, that 3-D Calculus is the most useful math ever invented - thanks, Issac!


OK, yeah, they weren't a LOT brighter than the antifa clashers, but they could play guitars, dammit.

(This song was originally written by Sonny Curtis for Buddy Holly's band The Crickets, but was covered by anyone who wanted to act like he was a rebel, over the next 6 decades.)

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