Stupid vs. Evil and long-term conspiracy theories

Posted On: Friday - June 9th 2017 7:04PM MST
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This post may be kind of boring - that's just the way it's going to be, but I have promised to just explain this a number of times in other posts. This can follow nicely from the previous one on 100-year old history, as we left off with a video about the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank, created in secret by a small cabal. One may call that a conspiracy, I suppose, as the way the Fed Reserve was founded and it's real purpose has been kept fairly secret over a long period.

Here's the point I will expound on: I don't think there are any long-term conspiracies, that could be used by some to explain the evil in this world, or just the reason America is what it is today. By long-term, here, I mean > 50 year, and more like century(s)-long plans. This is as opposed to shorter-term odious behind-the-scenes deals made by globalist elites and high-level bureaucrats, the quasi-military organizations, CIA, NSA, people within US and other gov't agencies and various other evil types. There would be no way to list all the even very credible ones here.

The people behind the short- or medium-term conspiracies are not even all blatantly evil. It could be about just wanting to hurt people or groups, but more often there is a lot of money or power to gain as the motive. As to the arguably (that's what the comment section is for ;-}. ) most important issue going on today, the importation of peoples to replace Americans and Western Europeans with the 3rd world, for example, there are multiple different credible theories on why the evil behind-the-scenes people would want to do this. Even this type of evil happening is not done SPECIFICALLY to hurt people ALONE. That is not necessarily how evil works. There are people however, who don't care at all how many 100's of millions of people get hurt by having their lives changed for the worse. Many times the gains are not even JUST the money and increase in power, but this evil is done by people who feel they are doing good. They want to feel good about themselves.

Let me reiterate this and explain it more. There are many wise men who have been quoted to this effect, but perhaps it was put the most simply by T.S. Eliot, with "Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.". This may include the "useful idiots" who, by definition, are not smart enough to be out to purposeful hurt anyone by what they think is the right thing to do, in addition to the fairly-smart, leaders who also think they are doing the right thing, but unfortunately have the power to get it done. See, this is the problem, people with power who think they are omniscient, though they are not. They are smart, but not smart enough to know that they may not be right about everything. It's OK to have people like that, but not in positions of great power of the population.

This is how you get your Chairman Mao's, your Lenin's, your Pol Pot's and your Hitler's. All of them probably had a good head on their shoulders and "knew" what must be done to help their countrymen. People helped them gain positions of great, almost absolute power. It didn't work out very well, did it? YOU! DO! NOT! LET! ANYONE! HAVE! GREAT! POWER! OVER! YOU! The founders of the American Republic were the best in history in knowing this, and their grand experiment worked out pretty well for 150 years or more, until the people got slack.

Back to the evil ones and the conspiracies. The guys like Soros making plans to encourage destruction of the western nations, the guys in the CIA fomenting revolution in foreign lands, the guys behind assassinations, the groups creating legislation in back rooms to help their cronies, all of them - they make some pretty elaborate schemes sometimes and then some fairly stupid ones that backfire. Are they smart enough to make plans that don't come to fruition for 50 years, 100 years, or multiple centuries later though? Again, they are NOT omniscient; they just think they are. Back to the Federal Reserve creators again, as an example. They wanted to control the money supply. They probably didn't care about free money concepts and how the average American would be worse off, but I doubt they were smart enough to know, or be planning for, the transition of the small Federal Gov't to the huge beast it has become. There was no way to know the effects of their short- and even medium-term evil a century hence.

Yes, there were the Rothchilds and other rich families who had big money, hence, power over multiple centuries, sinister people in the Catholic Church, the Masons, etc. People say they had big conspiracies to cause what we are dealing with a few centuries later. Did they really make plans, the effects of which would be known on their great-grandchildren? How could you even know which countries would be around? Would you know what to invest in for that long a period. My conclusion is that there is just nobody that smart - if he was, he would most likely not make plans that would end up causing pain and trouble for so many, as He would be God.

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