Man, another century's gone by - felt like only a coupla 3 decades!

Posted On: Thursday - June 8th 2017 9:55AM MST
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The older you are, the more time and history seems shorter - we all know that - except when we're young. It's pretty obvious why, as the few short years a kid's been alive are everything there ever was to him. After a while 2 years ago is not that awful long ago anymore, when you're, say 30 years old. After a while, you're like, what, gotta start writing dates with 4 digits now!? Or, what, we don't need to keep writing 4-digit years anymore, as people didn't do that in 1917? They just wrote '17 and talked about, "well, let me tell ya' sonny, back in ought-5 we didn't have fancy ... whatever-the-hells".

History behaves the same way in our minds as we the number of years behind us, in our memories, changes. As a kid, most "old people", as we called them, had memories of World War I times, "the Great War". Now, you would find nobody with personal knowledge about it to talk to. The 1960's turmoil and Beatles music is as long ago to the kids now, as prohibition and ragtime music was to me as a kid. The Vietnam war is as long ago for kids now as WWI was to people who were kids when I was a baby. Ronald Reagan as president is as historical to kids now as Harry Truman as president was to us, and I even have a memory of some guy wearing the hats people used to always wear reading a newspaper with a big-font headline "TRUMAN DIES". Who cares, I thought, and still do.

Think though, about how Ronald Reagan, VietNam, and the 1960's are NOT, however, ancient history to us. Go back to 100 years of history now, and it does NOT seem like you are reading about a totally different kind of people that didn't know anything, and just acted in ways that were so foreign to us, and that nothing at all that happened back then has ANYTHING at all to do with what goes on in the world now. As a kid, however, this would be like being told it that the panic of 1873 and the status of the new colonies in Africa, and the goings-on in the court of Queen Victoria were important in relation to our present kid's lives of hula hoops and Beatles 45's. Now, it's 2017 and I can look back at the people in American history a century ago, and see what they did to us.

It so happens that the years about an entire century ago +/-5 years were years when people and events began changes to America's future all for the worse. 2 of the worst of it were the Constitutional Amendments, the 16th, allowing (Note that word, allowing, overriding Amendment 10) a Federal Income tax, ratified in early February of 1913, and the 17th, specifying direct elections of US Senators, ratified only 2 months later. Though the latter SEEMS like just an adminstrative "housekeeping" change, it is most definitely not, and it was as if the people had said "America's Federal government is not broke, but let's fix it!". How much damage was done in just 2 months in 1913.

However, that's not all, folks. Before the professor Woodrow Wilson got the US into the Great War right at a century ago, after being elected on a platform-plank in 1916 of "he kept us out of war" (does this sound familiar, as, again 1964 is not long ago for, cough, cough, some of us?) there was the founding, via legislation a day before Christmas Eve of the Federal Reserve. The last may have really been the key instigation of the eventual ruin of America.

I came across The Corbett Report from some videos being shown by a commenter named Agent76 on This James Corbett speaks some real truth in his videos, and here is a 1 1/2 hour one about the Federal Reserve. As he says in the beginning, economics sounds boring, but this stuff will have you enthralled (with possibly rage later on) with these 1-century-ago elites who created this beast that controls the money, hence the economy, causing the coming terrible financial crash. Not many wanted to hear Ron Paul talk about it, but give this a try. It gets more interesting about 15-20 minutes in.

These elites causing havoc for an entire nation seems somehow familiar to me, like Deja Vu all over again.

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