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Posted On: Monday - June 5th 2017 8:54AM MST
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It was early morning at a very nice beach; the tide was coming in and surf was up just a bit. That's a nice place to hang out at that time before anyone else is around ...

... except some guy taking video, up and down the beach, he kept on going, more video. Can some people not just enjoy being somewhere? The sound of the surf is soothing indeed, and a big part of the reason people rent or buy beach houses. The view is first, I would guess.

I worked it out one time, how much good coastline we have in this country, and you'd be surprised how few people could live on the beach in a detached beach-house, even with only 100 ft.-wide beachfront lots, with no gaps for anything else. This is a "fractal geometry" problem in a way, as in some places the length of the coastline changes quite a bit depending on your scale. By counting part the great lakes, one could easily get to a round 10,000 miles. That's 500,000 lots on the shoreline, and for families averaging 4 even, that's just a coupla million, so just above 1/2 a percent of the population. Well, you can build condos everywhere to bring this up by a factor of 10. That's why "it's all time-shares nowadays".

Anyway that whole paragraph was to say, hey, we can't all live at the beach so, let me enjoy it in peace while I'm there. Get your camera out of my view, dude.

This was not some young kid even, who wants his whole life on camera (well, here's a case in which I should probably use "she" for the unknown-gender 3rd-person pronoun.) They would rather watch themselves walking on the beach later on, as they're crossing the street or driving down the interstate. That's how they roll, these young people.

He was not Oriental either, as it is no erroneous stereotype that the Japanese, in particular, have got to take those pictures, everywhere. (I had thought back in the day, that maybe they were all Fuji Film employees with deep employee discounts and a determination to put Kodak out of business). However, the Chinese are giving the Japanese a run for their money. They are not above taking their share of photos, what with it being absolutely free now. The girls have got to get themselves in front of some landmark they know squat-all about with the peace signs that mean absolutely nothing. Let me tell you Chinawomen about the peace signs - it came from hippies imitating the V for "Victory" from WWII days while changing it's meaning. Fair enough, but while that was going on, China was in the kind of turmoil, in the midst of Mao's "Cultural Revolution" that we are only beginning to see a taste of now in our country. What's that peace sign supposed to mean, girls? Let me just sit here and see what I came to see.

What is the purpose of all this continual picture-taking? If this video guy was trying to get something on youtube to teach/demonstrate something, I guess I could see that. I always appreciate the fix-it guys that put up auto repair, etc. on-line. Some, I'm sure, do it to get a following to eventually help out their businesses or just make a few bucks on it, but others do it just to help.

It's the continual selfies or posed photos everywhere in front of every damn thing that makes me think "do you not think people will believe you, if you said you've been here? Are you taking the pictures to prove it? If not, don't you think you can download a better picture of this place without idiots posing in the way? If you want your whole life on video, with you in it, get some kind of end-of-nose-cam that records any and all of your doings. However, not everyone's going to want to view this world of peak stupidity - they've been through in meat space."

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