Cash is King - (Part 3)

Posted On: Tuesday - May 30th 2017 12:08PM MST
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We left off here with predictions of various varieties of doom and gloom. This is stuff that I just wanted to add to elaborate just a little bit more (with a part I left out) on why the elimination of cash, or any non-trackable money is such a bad thing, and what resistance to going cashless means.

Even without worrying about the larger, more sinister picture of a Government Beast controlling all buying and selling, all governments want money as, to those in government, more money means expansion, new programs (to screw us with), and job security. You won't ever hear that they have enough or more than enough from anyone, down to the public homeless shelter library, where locally they just passed a $50,000,000 bond issuance, even though the main branch is pretty new, and there are 5 employees in the local 1200 sq-ft. branch. That greediness is natural law, I guess.

Governments lose either income tax or sales tax or both, depending on what cash deal is done on an amicable mutually-agreeable basis between consenting individuals. That irks the living shit out of these government people at any level, but the Feds have more power to do something about it. Big Government in America and all around the world, minus the places that are too corrupt for business to flourish at all, are making efforts to stop all the freedom from going on.

So, just by using cash in private deals (we all do, but MORE, MORE, MORE), you are being the resistance to the establishment and the New World Globalist Dream. I cannot find the link to an article on ZeroHedge right now, but it described a gentleman's tipping of waiters and waitresses with cash, but with a note saying this is not pay, but a gift only. OK, listen, don't take any monetary or tax advice from anyone on Peak Stupidity, ZeroHedge or anywhere for that matter. I do always pay the tip in cash, but I'm pretty sure the IRS is wise to any type of written loopholes used to avoid their grasp until you get to the higher monetary levels of the Wall Street white shoe boys, or even the Wall Street chicks with the high heels, and the big business crony-capitalists.

How about this? I just came back from a small store to get a lawnmower repair shop for a new blade, as I left half the post up, and I intended to write more anyway. Good timing. This was not a word-of-mouth sale, but just a small, family-run store. The last blade, on the mower for a decade or so, was mangled, and they liked my joke about a core charge - hey, you don't get that at Home Depot, as the cashiers don't know anything about the stuff they sell. (OK, this should go more into the Curmudeonry topic key.) More to the point, I paid in cash and thought about 2 benefits here of the simple deal at a small business. The minor one is I didn't have to put up with the computer-data-entry hassle: "What's your zip code." "Don't know, put anything." "Oh, the sticker won't scan, register 6 for a price-check, please!". It was: "Here's your change." "See you later".

The 2nd and more important benefit to a free society is that these owners may or may not want to pay sales/income tax on everything, and cash gives them flexibility on this. Hey, it's no Chinatown, where it's all cash all the time and probably corruption at the city level to allow everyone to pay a much smaller amount of tax than officially due*. Let's leave the decisions on taxes up to the small business owners. They'll do what they think is right.

Come to think of it, I'll go ahead and tell you what's right. Any transactions on which taxes are avoided is another win for the patriotic American, that's all there is to it these days. It cuts gov't power, and is an effort to keep many of our lifestyles up toward the middle class where they previously were. Yeah, Rule of Law was great while it lasted. The elites are no Founders, enlightened revolutionaries, and writers of Magna-Carta based Constitutions these days, and the Rule of Law has been ripped-up with pieces waved in our faces every day. So, you know, they can suck it - we're not going to play a rigged game. Keep the money.

Spread it around as you do business with good people. Cash is King! I guess Bartering is Queen then, and just sitting around on welfare on your ass watching Netflix with some Mountain Dew and Cool Ranch Doritos is next step to Baron(?) or, at least Lord of the Manor.

* About Chinatown(s), these people are not avoiding taxes to screw over the Globalists and control freaks. They just do it because it's in their culture to get what they can and society be damned. Hey, I'm not saying it's always been this way with the Chinese, but 30 years of hard-core Communism, with another 30 of soft-core beats the good values out of a lot of people.

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