Cash is King - (Part 2)

Posted On: Monday - May 29th 2017 4:53PM MST
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(Continued from here.)

The last post mentioned just one problem in using digital currency with respect to Chipotle Restaurant's payments info. getting hacked. Again, that is a problem, but it's not THE PROBLEM semi-free people are up against here. The globalist elites, governments and big corporations push this "cashless society" idea in order to have complete control of our lives. The start of this is keeping denominations of currency low, so after about 100 X inflation over the last century (making a dollar today worth an early-20th-century penny), you can't hold very much on you compared to how much your credit/debit card can buy. There used to be a $1000 bill, which would be worth $100,000 now! But, just as in China, where the highest denomination is 100 Yuan, or $16 or so, it takes a lot of bills to hold a lot of monetary value on your person.

There are always the usual BS reasons we must stop people from trading pieces of paper, or worse yet, pieces of inherently worthful metal. "We've got to stop the drug dealers from hiding their money." "The terrorists have been using cash." "Tony Soprano has a big stash of cash in his back yard that his wife's been pilfering from, and WE WANT IT!" Once the laws get made, just as with the gun laws, the enforcement always comes down on the law abiding, as the true outlaws don't care how many laws they break. So, now you've got to be scared shitless when driving on a long trip if you have a reason to have a decent amount of cash on you, as the cops can and will legally steal it. You can file some paperwork to get the money back, but it would probably already have been spent for upgrades to the police tank urban assault vehicle.

The other way going cashless is sold is on the point of convenience for YOU, via ads (I've seen 'em before) showing how quick it is to pay for something compared to the old guy laying down some bills along with the millenial trying to count change. Firstly, even this is part BS. I've had the chip card - it takes longer than cash to process, and one must keep looking down at the screen and get bossed around by the electronics: "Leave the Card in!" "Wait" "Enter PIN" "Don't Remove Card" "OK, Pull the Card, out Now! I've got people in line!" (Oh, the last was the cashier, not the electronics.) It is very impersonal for both you and the cashier to spend the interaction looking down at screens. I guess that may not bother those who stare at their phone screens all day anyway. True, the change counting can be stressful for cashiers these days, but, not my problem.

("Follow my instructions! Don't screw it up, old fogey!")

This convenience in payments and other business arrangements (say Uber) is a selling point for many. Most do not think about how much privacy is lost. The buying and selling part is the real crux though. A big overbearing government Beast can stop you from any resistance to the established order - what you can buy, how much money you can make, who you may do business with, etc; the possibilities for the Beast are endless. It is the sort of thing that would have made the Soviet KGB's, the E. German Stasi's, Chairman Mao's Red Idiot's and all of these tyrannical, freedom-crushing bastards' lives much easier. Just think of what can be done with all the data out there on you, even when we're not cashless yet.

If enough people like their conveniences more than freedom, then this Mark of the Beast deal may likely come down on us. Resistance to that will mean defeat of the Government Beasts or total separation from them. The good news is that Peak Stupidity will probably be reached before the apparatus is really set in place, but it's not really something to look forward to either (as explained in our mission statement, the decrease in Stupidity will be a big relief, but it will be at the expense of the financial havoc to come.) What, too gloomy?? C'mon guys, whaddya need, a refresher course? It's all Gloom and Doom nowadays. Hey, lookey here, one more post on this.

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