Chipotle - no credit, no debit, and hold the E. Coli

Posted On: Monday - May 29th 2017 5:04AM MST
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Hey, we're only a few days behind on this one, but it's the general story, not this specific happening, reported on such-and-such date, that is the focus of this Peak Stupidity post.

I've been to Chipotle (it's not, "chi-pot-el", as one might thing, but "chi-poat-lee", to sound more sophisticated) a few times. I got the grilled steak tacos, hold the e. coli. The guys or girls behind the counter liked this joke, BTW. (This chain had an e. coli problem a couple of years back.) Now, the restaurant chain has had a problem with hackers into the digital money payments.

Chipotle says hackers hit most restaurants in data breach
Hackers used malware to steal customer payment data from most of Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc's (CMG.N) restaurants over a span of three weeks, the company said on Friday, adding to woes at the chain whose sales had just started recovering from a string of food safety lapses in 2015.

Chipotle said it did not know how many payment cards or customers were affected by the breach that struck most of its roughly 2,250 restaurants for varying amounts of time between March 24 and April 18, spokesman Chris Arnold said via email.

A handful of Canadian restaurants were also hit in the breach, which the company first disclosed on April 25.
Wait, what, Canada? Who the hell gives ...?
OK, what else?
Stolen data included account numbers and internal verification codes. The malware has since been removed.

The information could be used to drain debit card-linked bank accounts, make "clone" credit cards, or to buy items on certain less-secure online sites, said Paul Stephens, director of policy and advocacy at the non-profit Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.
Hey, cash is King, they I always say. There is a larger point to focus on besides the possibility of getting your life messed up for a while were you to be one of the victims (of the usually E. European hackers - I guess they are doing the jobs American hackers just won't do.) There are many people in powerful positions, globalist elite scum, Bill Gates types, etc. that do not want cash to be King anymore. There are lots of reasons, but they can probably all be put into a bin called CONTROL.

Cash money currency, at least for now, is something out of control of those in power. Of course, real money, the precious metals, are even more so, in that, paper dollar denominations do have serial numbers. I've thought that the government could TRY to require recording those at banks and points-of-sale. There is no such problem for us (or solution, that is, for the globalists) with precious metals - even with serial numbers, the metal is the value, not the shape or decorations on it. All digital payments are not just recorded, but can be stored forever.

More on the total control aspect in a minute, but just to explain the strike-over in the last paragraph, the US dollar denominated currency, and the digital dollars too, are money right NOW, as people ACCEPT their value. This can change very quickly in a financial collapse or during a hyper-inflationary period, but his has been hashed out in detail on this very blog - there are at least 20 posts already on this subject. Real money does not lose value during financial and political crises.

Now, the reader could find many articles on Zerohedge on the subject of governments' (around the world) war on cash. Look up the screw up of the Indian rupee due to ban on certain denominations that happened a few months back - it messed up the economy quite nicely. ZH has also written about Sweden, one of the countries that is most "cashless", many times. One of the wettest dreams of all globalist elite control freaks is the removal of the ability to buy and sell without observation, supervision, and permission by the government - let's replace the word "government" with "the beast", so we now know what we're talking about.

I had an acquaintance back in the 1980's who would talk about the Book of Revelation* and relate it to bar codes. RFID was way in the future then, so the bar-code on the forehead idea seemed a bit out there to me. It's not out there anymore, people, as even without RFID tags, were we just to stick to bar code, I could see it as a beauty enhancement for some of us:

(OK, these guys do not necessarily work at Chipotle, but this could explain the e. coli.)

I guess the guy on the left is a barber, and you don't get to see these barber poles so much anymore, what with Great Clips and all, so there's that. The guy on the right is much more suited for the modern era, as he has a place set up for a bar-code, maybe even a 2-D one first implemented by UPS(?).

This push for a cashless society, meaning completely digital, recorded and controlled buying and selling, is, other than a grab for the guns, once of the last steps in total control of the population. How this cashless idea has been advertised and pushed on us, and what people can do, or are doing about it will be continued here.

* Here's the passage: 13:17 "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

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