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Posted On: Saturday - May 27th 2017 8:58PM MST
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Merkel Furious With Trump After "Unprecedented" G-7 Failure To Reach Consensus On Climate Change. This just makes me smile. This will not be a scientific or political post about Global Climate DisruptionTM, as Peak Stupidity has done yeoman's work (well, when we had a yeoman on the staff) in documenting Global Climate Stupidity. I remember vividly staying indoors to write most of these 23 (and counting) posts, as the climate had just CHANGED, to like, winter or something.

We have all been fairly disappointed with President Trump's breaking of many promises, as not all his lack of success is due to judges. He has let us down a number of times with decisions and actions that are completely within the president's power. This is not the time for this post, though, and many are all over this - here's a 3-week old John Derbyshire article on the disappointments from this man.

Sometimes, all it takes to temporarily make us patriots happy is a few choice words of truth from the guy, just standing up to the bullshit here and there.
Merkel who had hoped to leave the Saturday summit with the G-7 agenda endorsed by everyone, including Trump, was furious at the US president.

“The whole discussion about climate has been difficult, or rather very unsatisfactory" German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters Saturday. "Here we have the situation that six members, or even seven if you want to add the EU, stand against one. That means there are no signals until now whether the U.S. will remain in the Paris Agreement or not. We have therefore not talked around it but made clear that we the six member states and the EU remain committed to the goals of the agreement.”

The unhappy German continued: "The fact that we have not been able to make progress here is of course a situation in which you have to say that there is no common support for an important international agreement. This Paris Agreement is not simply any old agreement, but it’s rather a core agreement.”

She concluded by noting the unprecedented breach of agreement within the ranks, perhaps a first in G-7 history “There is right now no agreement. But we have made very clear that we are not moving away from our positions.”

Moments later, the final declaration released a just as stunning statement, which said that the U.S. was "not in a position to join consensus" on climate change.

To be sure, its wasn't just Merkel who was displeased with Trump. According to Politico, while he avoided any major gaffes or serious diplomatic breaches, Trump’s lack of rapport with European leaders raises serious questions about his ability to effectively team up with critical U.S. allies.

“Like when there’s a new strange kid in the class nobody likes,” said a senior EU official who was briefed on the closed NATO meetings in Brussels. “You behave civilly when teachers (media) watch but don’t spend time with him in private because he’s so different.”
Yeah, right, Euro-trash, do you understand that this is not Confucianist China and we're not gonna agree on stupid policy just to "conform to the consensus". You can peddle your Global Climate DisruptionTM pyramid multi-level-marketing scheme to some other suckers, Merkel. Either way, once the Moslems take over, they are going to put the kibosh on your junk- or any real- science for that matter. If you liked your stone-age, you can keep your stone-age.


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