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Posted On: Saturday - May 27th 2017 7:52PM MST
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The following image is known as a tweet; make of it what you will. Peak Stupidity has determined that, at the time some commenter pasted this under some blog post, 428 people were pacing around in a clockwise square pattern perusing the implications, while 533 other twits were eating heart-healthy snacks in response. Or either, we are not current on our icon-ography here.

Seriously now, this information is startling. I would bet a decent amount of money that any tweet from the 1970's (OK, a newspaper clipping) would show that every one of the leaders had kids, and the average number of kids would be pretty close to 3. The reader may want to look into this, but keep in mind, I haven't put down my wager amount, so...

I want to relate this simple informational graphic to the immigration stupidity that is going on in Europe at a fairly rapid pace. We indeed have our own version of this in America, but it seems like Western Euro leaders have gone all in, with the evil Frau Merkel as the ringleader of the shitshow being performed on that continent. These leaders may be stupid, or evil, or be stupid puppets for the truly evil deep in the background.

Do these leaders of the Western European nations care that the native Europeans are being replaced with scum from Africa and the Middle East? Believe me, that is happening - check not just the demographic raw or percentage population numbers but these numbers for kids of school age. You will know what's coming once you do. The stupid among these leaders may care, the evil ones by definition don't. Evil will have to be fought back, as always, with lots of suffering in doing so, but let's just assume generously that these leaders are just flat-out stupid. They have a lot of compassion - note 45% of the 9 are women, but you can't chalk up the entire problem to that. (Look at the Pope, he's a man, and has a billion or so Catholics that he is supposed to be defending... except that he is compassionate, so lots are gonna die.)

Just like Ivanka Trump with the pictures of hurt/dead Syrian children, there is no thought to the many more that will be maimed and killed once America decides to start another war. Let me digress for a minute to mention a 3-hour (no, not included here) video of Mark Steyn, the conservative writer/pundit being interviewed by this really cool mellow guy on C-SPAN "book-talk", or something like that. Mark Steyn is on the American patriots' side on the immigration issue and that was being discussed. Great show, really, but I just remember when a woman caller brought up her deep compassion for some Mexican kids (I believe "kid" goes up to 35 years-of-age in beaner-speak) that were detained after breaking into the country down in Texas or New Mexico. Mr. Steyn should have tore her a new one.

Were I Mark Steyn, here would be my reply: "You've got compassion lady, but how do you know WE don't. We just think a little into the future, as men have to, to build a civilization. Our compassion may extend a bit further than yours, to a point when my and your kids are living in Mexico, even though they never moved residence. How could you explain to your grandchildren how much YOUR compassion caused the country to change from the damn good one you grew up in to Mexico del Norte? Also, lady, were you a family-oriented person, you would be putting YOUR family's welfare over those of the Mexicans, as that's what being a Mom means! Have some compassion without the side of stupidity."

This post is not meant to denigrate those patriotic Americans and Euros without children*, by any means. I personally know plenty of Trump supporters (before he started to semi-suck), and real conservatives that don't have kids, but just want to do good for our country.

The point of this post is that these leaders may have a fairly small stake in the future. They may figure that this is all just a game or interesting experiment in diversity and multiculturalism. If it doesn't work out at all, well, they'll be dead or retired in a nice gated bug-out country in a non-disclosable location - so, you know, who cares? - don't take this stuff so seriously.

* Another post is coming to mind right now, as I write, about the difference in family size of native American and Europeans vs. the developing world.

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