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Posted On: Monday - May 22nd 2017 11:21AM MST
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Even though I don't recognize half of the handles of the commenters anymore, they still seem to be the best on the internet that I've read in terms of knowing what's truly going down in the world.

The article in question, and it could take all of one's time to keep up with ZH and it's comments, is about the Greek government's plans to steal what the residents are trying to keep away from it's greedy hands, entitled
Greek Authorities To Launch Mass Confiscation Of Safe Deposit Boxes, Securities, Homes In Tax-Evasion Crackdown

In answer to "scoutshonor" who says:
One of the problems I have as an old fart is holding the memory of a time when governments were not allowed to just take shit when they felt like it. I remember what due process was like. But that's me.

What I often wonder is whether it is more painful for me or someone who is 25. Would it be worse to not have ever experienced the rule of law--or having know it watching as it is yanked away bit by bit?

I can't put myself in the shoes of a youngster since I'm 60--but I find myself giving the young people the benefit of doubt because this is all they have ever known. It really is sad.
"rejected" replies:
"One of the problems I have as an old fart is holding the memory of a time when governments were not allowed to just take shit when they felt like it"

There was a time when people would not allow them to just pass confiscatory law. They would have been shot in their homes, hung, or worse.

Today we are trained beginning in preschool that "IT'S THE LAW!" They even use this phrase on highway signs concerning seat belts, wipers on during rain etc. They have us trained that they "HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO PASS ANY LAW THEY WISH" even though no such authority exists. Does anyone really think the founders had in mind lawmakers ability to regulate toilets?, Light Bulbs?.

Most of this all came about after the cigarette issue. Once they got away with passing the no smoking in restaurants and other public places FOR YOUR HEALTH AND PROTECTION, all limits on them were removed. We now enjoy such things as Soda Taxes, Mandatory Insurance (Car, Home and Health) and other niceties. We allow them to confiscate property for non payment of taxes (which means you don't own it), We allow them to confiscate cash and other assets, on the highways and byways with no charges,,, just grab the money and run!

With no one forcefully telling them NO!,,, what the hell does anyone expect?
I cannot say this better, so I will have to resort to the Instapundit punditing style, thusly,


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