What if I got behind on my dues to the Communist Party?

Posted On: Wednesday - November 30th 2016 1:11PM MST
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Just a quick thought as I was reading the transcript of John Derbyshire's (of VDare.com, purged during the 00's purges from National Review magazine) last week's podcast.

He mentions Frank Marshall Davis (people say he was MaObama's real Dad - who knows? Luckily, who cares, at this point?).

Quote: His early mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was an actual paid-up, card-carrying member of the Communist Party, according to the FBI."

I have been treasurer of a club before, and I had to keep up with the member's dues, meaning trying to get some deadbeats to pay up, or working out deals with them. If I were in the CPUSA, and I did get behind a few months or years in my dues, I would probably just tell the party Treasurer that from each according to his ability, to each according to his means! and possibly raise up my right fist, unless this was via phone or email.

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