The Onion is not dead yet ... and the Lido Shuffle

Posted On: Thursday - May 18th 2017 9:04PM MST
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In the previous post, I wrote that it's pretty hard to write parody anymore as stupid as the world is getting. While checking the link to "The Onion", I really enjoyed their pretty funny article "Kicking, Screaming Warren Buffett Dragged From Caesars Palace After Losing Everything At Roulette Wheel". Anything making fun of the "Orifice of Omaha" is bound to be enjoyable anyway, but the writers at The Onion have still got it.

Barely related, but since this great 1976 song has a gambling theme, what the hey...

Next stop shy town
Lido put the money down let her roll.
He said one more job ought to get it,
one last shot 'fore we quit it,
one for the road.

It's Boz Scaggs, from his album "Silk Degrees"

That jam at the end could be 2 minutes longer, but I'll take it.

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