Stepped on an interesting USA Today article the other day ....

Posted On: Thursday - May 18th 2017 8:15AM MST
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... while walking out of the hotel room. They leave it on the floor, just outside the room door, in many places, as PeakStupidity mentioned in a post about a USA anti-Trump headline a few months back. This makes their circulation look good, but it doesn't really make for near as many readers as their marketing people would tell you.

The problem now is that things in this country are getting to such a high level of stupidity that parody humor websites will be forced out of business. To explain, here is part of the front page of the USA Today from last Friday or so:

Were this only 10 years back, this could be a The Onion" article. It's going to be really hard for the social parody sites to keep ahead of the quickly-rising levels of stupid in our society.

We better really hope we don't get ourselves into a real war with a serious enemy. That'll will be Peak Stupidity time for sure; when things get real, the stupid will stop cold.

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